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Stop them before they Stop you

Who wouldn’t have rolled out a red carpet for him, with his regal appearance and charming smile. But, little did she know that he only appeared to be so. She had already given him a chair and prepared a befitting room for him in her house when she realized he was an unwanted visitor.

I wouldn’t say it was too late before she realized, but he had stolen and destroyed, only that he had not killed.

There are three things the devil knows how best to do: steal, destroy and kill.

Before he became much-publicized, he would appear in his true form, but now that no one wants to see his ugly face, he simply wear the angelic habiliment and do what he does best.

You must have heard about him, but let no one open a false chapter and verse to you about him, and plant the seed of fear into your heart.

It is true that the devil and wicked men can push one’s dawn forward, but it is also true that you can kick their ass and get them off your path.

There are two things the devil wants to avoid that makes him want to stop your dawn:

He is scared that if your dawn breaks, you will see God as the good God and keep going to Him until your heart is fully drawn to Him.

He is also scared that there will be available resources to give expression to your visions, which will eventually bring alive the god in you.

No wonder he desperately seeks channels to ensure that man’s dawn does not break. But we must know that no matter how much he tries, if God does not permit him and he does not find a channel to enter through, he can do nothing.

Yet, men who cannot stand the breaking of the dawn of others would do anything to stop others and others ride on others to rise without thinking twice.

Either the devil or his seeds, nothing, and I mean nothing can withstand the power of God activated through fervent prayers. Pray and flee from sin, and no power of darkness will stop you.

Anytime you want a cheap and easy way to have things that are not cheap, you are exposing yourself to their wickedness. Pay the price for the prize you want, if you don’t want a deadly prize. Let what God will never give you or approve never be your desire.

Be receptive to the counsel of elders whose tongue dish out wisdom, they can help you escape several traps of the enemies.

Where are you rushing to? Don‘t you know haste makes waste. Don’t waste your life and destiny to haste. He has never begat any good seed.

Be wise to the tricks of the devil and his seeds. Give him no room. Always be sure you keep a broom close, to constantly sweep out the dirt he can penetrate into your life through.

By the blood of the LAMB, you are liberated from every works of darkness in the name of JESUS!