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Obedience Is a Must

Obedience is better than sacrifice, and sometimes obedience entails sacrifice.

The breaking of a new dawn is primarily not a prayer, but obedience to the instructions that will usher in the new dawn.

The new dawn has been a prophesy that has stayed in many people’s jotter for a long time. The truth is, prophesy is a two way thing: what God wants to do and what you must do for God to do what He wants to do. Failing to obey the instructions attached to prophecies make prophecies lose its potency.

It is important that you always ask for what to do whenever you see what to go for.

Many times God communicates what to do to us, but the noise within and the noise outside shut our ears to receive from Him. If you cannot listen, you cannot obey.

Other times we hear, but we fail to discern the voice of God in the voice of men. We rather focus on the age, sex and qualification of the person instructing us, and how sensible the instruction sounds.

Obedience to God is obedience to man. You cannot claim that you obey God and disobey men.

Even Christ had to obey death, his own hand work. Obeying those who are under you is a great medium to learn humility, a needed virtue for where you’re praying for.

How people obey is the reason the breaking of the dawn of many is dawdling. Incomplete obedience is synonymous to disobedience, and delayed obedience is as dangerous as disobedience. The longer the time you waste before obeying, the longer your dawn takes to break.

The breaking of your dawn is not strange to the program of God. He has mapped it out, but you must take responsibility for what He wants to release to you. The moment you obey those instructions, the breaking of your dawn is without recourse.

Reflect on the instructions you have disposed, and do what you should do fast. Leave no stone unturned, obey completely, and yours will be the next testimony to share.

MARCH FORWARD IX Obey the Last Command

Like soldiers on the parade ground, we were at alert, listening to the commandant, but no one was expected to move by any of the umpteen commands except the last one.

I wasn’t sure if the short girl in front of me got discombobulated with the numerous instructions, but all I knew was, she was the only one that moved. I wouldn’t deny that anyone can get confused with the numerous commands, but as confusing as it can be, a listening ear and an attentive heart can tell the last and most important command.

Filled with several commandants is the field of life. A commandant to someone can be a mentor, to another a tutor, to another a pastor and yet to another a father.

As you and I try to march forward, several instructions begin to come from diverse sources, but we need wisdom to decipher between the numerous, the penultimate and the last command that will lead to our forward movement.

Little wonder, the attempt of many to march forward lead to a marching backward because they have given several naïve and blind people the place of a commandant in their lives.

Yet, someone might be saying, I am the commandant of my own life. You will soon discover that you have gathered several wounds and scars.

The easiest way to slow down your pace and carry the burden of several wounds is learning by experience, rather than learning from elders.

Some other people claim that God is their commandant, but you seem to be unaware of the way of God. He is a God of order and protocol. He will not do what men should do, He will only instigate them for you.

Having a commandant is a necessity to facilitate your speed in life.

But, having a commandant is not a status or a rank, it is knowing and identifying the last command that you must obey.

The last command is the instruction that is a product of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, experience and faith. No matter the tongue it is coming from, the time it is coming, the demands attached to it, and the risk attached to it, obey it. Obedience to the last command is a must if you will march forward.

Don’t forget, it is not about obeying anyone and anything. An ignorant move of obedience can facilitate a backward march.

Don’t just obey anything, don’t just obey anyone, but someone who is tested and trusted. If he is tested and trusted, be wise never to joke with his or her last command.

Are you still wondering what to do? Obey the last command and march forward!