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Like a young lady whose mother tag after to the house of the boy who impregnated her, Timileyin entered the house. Several questions were painted on the face of his neighbours, but maybe because I was wonted with his drama, I was unstirred.

But I must open my heart- I had been waiting for a day like this. We had talked about it several times, but he was always giving omnifarious reasons why he can’t do it now.

Though I heard all that was going on outside, I didn’t move an inch until I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was him who had come to say goodbye, but it was one of my neighbours who thought I was not aware.

When I was about to shut the door, right before me was Timileyin. I didn’t want to cry when he said goodbye, but I didn’t know when tears started climbing down my cheeks. I was really going to miss him, but he had to leave to march forward. He had been proposing and disposing the idea even when he knew it was the way out, but he finally did it.

The period between knowing the way forward and marching forward has been to many people more than a decade. Not because it takes that long to march forward, but because even when we know what and how, we still pick a bed instead of fastening our belt.

Sometimes like cowards, we run back the moment we sight a rat on the way, instead of going to where we ought to be. Some other times, we cook up several reasons why we can’t move yet, and keep postponing our season of glorification.

The value of attaining an height is not just attaining it, but when you attain the height. What you should do now will lose its worth if it’s done later, don’t wait till tomorrow. Face it now. Don’t wait till you’re faced with regrets. What you cannot run away from, you must take away.

There is no price tag placed on marching forward that is too high, the farther you want to get to, the higher the price.

Any offer to march forward without the price of hard work and diligence is a pit in disguise. Short cuts will only shorten your life. Do the right thing you need to do to march forward now, not anything.

When you start marching determines when you will march forward. Do not wait till later to do what you should do now! No one kicks the orange he is to eat first as a ball and then pick it up later to eat it.

No one said it will be bread and butter, but that it is not easy does not mean it is not possible. It is only nothing that is served in the plate of ease. You can never get to know it is attainable until you try to go for it. The sooner, the better; do it now! Face your fears now; you might get a tear, but it will end your tears.

Discipline yourself when you need to, deny yourself which you need to, don’t wait till tomorrow, do what you need to, now!

I mean NOW!