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Be Different

To every eyes that longs to behold the breaking of the dawn, he must see things differently, do things differently, and be different.

Nothing will singularize you from the crowd if you do nothing different from the crowd.

The supersonic way for the dawn to break is to sought for a thing you can die for and do things as if you are willing to die for them.

When you’re doing what you don’t like, you will not be set astir to learn what you should know to be effective in what you are doing. Soon, frustration will catch up with you.

How do you expect the dawn to break in what you’re doing with frustration? It’s better to figure out what you can do with true grit, because it is not everything you can be effective in.

Commitment to a simple task can attract a more demanding and rewarding task. When you learn to do a run-of-the-mill thing, in an unusual way, though you might get little or no result at first, sooner than you think, it will usher you into the breaking of your dawn.

People do things for material rewards, but see things differently. I know you need those things too, but do things for more than the acquisition of things.

Start something to touch lives, to lift hands, to put a smile on someone’s face, to help someone see the pit ahead of their path, and not the usual reason: for me, what is mine and those that are mine.

What you do matters, but how you do what you do matters in the breaking of your dawn.

Greatness lies in little things, but only few who can do great things for seemingly minute reward, will eventually be kissed by mind-blowing rewards.

Do it differently, do it tenaciously and do it with all your heart.

Be different, see things differently, do things differently, and expect unusual results.