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MARCH FORWARD XV Nothing Can Stop You but You

I knew it was my slip up, but I refused to take the blame.

I had gotten a caterer to cook for my birthday party, but in an attempt to maximize resources, I had shrunk the budget she gave me. But unfortunately, it turned out that the fried and jollof rice was not tasty at all. I couldn’t stand the expression on people’s face when they ate it and insisted it was her incompetency that caused it.

How comfortable we are saying someone or something is the reason we have not gotten a desirable result.

Someone might be deceiving himself that it is one witch or principality that is the reason he has not marched forward. Get the truth straight and fast – nothing and no one is capable of stopping you except you consciously or unconsciously give them room for it.

The strongest enemy you have to contend with is yourself. Do not allow your body to dictate what it wants, but give it what it needs. The more you can learn to give your body the things it needs, the better you can subject it to do what you need to do, to march forward.

You will not die for not sleeping when you need to think and get to work. You will not die for not eating when you need to fast. It might be hard on your body at present, but it will draw in several presents to it later.

That there are challenges all around only means you should rise to figure out the way to fix it. Challenges are not made to devour you, but for you to solve them. Solution lies somewhere, go for it.

This is your time to march forward. Get up! Do what you need to do. Nothing can stop you but you. No demon, no power, no condition, no body, nothing, but you.

You must not allow yourself to be stopped by ‘YOU’! Do what you must do, to get to where you should be. Now is the time, MARCH FORWARD!


Thank you for patiently reading every bit of this series! Your enviable end is my pleasure!

Watch out for the Easter Series!


I flashed on the day we were checking the pictures of my parents’ wedding, and my dad gasconaded that he ordered his suit from abroad. I wouldn’t know which of the ‘abroad’ it was anyway, I didn’t remember to ask. But I recalled that we asked him, ‘so, where is the designer suit now?’

Reflecting on the sweet past can be sweet, and it’s all part of our story, but the beauty of life is in the latter than the former.

Many times we feel better thinking someone is the reason we have not marched forward, when we have kept our gaze on the past.

The past is not meant to last beyond the past. Either it is a good past or a terrible past, you can’t keep focusing on the past and expect to march past the past. Every time you keep looking at the past, your feet will keep going back.

The best in the past are lessons that you have learnt and your capacity that it has enlarged.

No one is an empty book without a past, except for a new child. The past is part of life as life is in three phases: the past, present and future.

He who keep seeing yesterday, will keep dreaming yesterday and end up living nothing better than yesterday.
No matter how sweet yesterday was, the latter is always meant to be greater than the former.

That you had a terrible past does not make you a terrible person. That you’ve tried your best in the past does not mean your best cannot work in the present. That he jilted you in the past does not mean someone else cannot love you in the present. That you’ve aborted in the past does not mean you can no longer bring forth fresh fruits in the present.

I have also aborted several dreams, plans and desires unknown to me. I tried all I can to keep them, but my womb wouldn’t just carry them for nine months. Yet, the same womb has conceived and brought forth other dreams.

That you trusted someone in the past and built your hopes around him, but he dashed it does not mean you should stop trusting.

I have once built my dreams around a man, but I woke to see him at the exit door. I slept again, dreamt again and woke again to embrace the freshness that lies in the present.

Who says because you were this and that in the past, you can’t become all you want to be in the present?

Even if the past has stolen the precious seasons of your life, who told you the days you’ve got left is not enough to rewrite your story.

Even if you have missed out of some opportunities in the past, don’t say opportunity knocks but once; I bet that is not totally true. An opportunity might come once, but opportunity is a noun that has singular and plural form. It is not only an opportunity that will come your way in life, there are opportunities in the past, present and future. Even if you have maximized the ones in the past, there are better ones in the present. Even if you have missed out of the ones in the past, there are still better ones in the present.

Don’t stay there wallowing in regret of a lost opportunity, just be sure you don’t lose the next one.

Yes, your past achievements are enormous, I’ll give you a standing ovation if you want, but we are getting tired of the story of, ‘when I used to….’

Stop looking back, let go of the past, retain the lessons, remember the victories, but don’t remain in the past.

Forgive the past; forgive them, forgive yourself. Forget the past; forget your mistakes, forget their misdeed.
It’s time to march forward, no longer backward.

MARCH FORWARD IX Obey the Last Command

Like soldiers on the parade ground, we were at alert, listening to the commandant, but no one was expected to move by any of the umpteen commands except the last one.

I wasn’t sure if the short girl in front of me got discombobulated with the numerous instructions, but all I knew was, she was the only one that moved. I wouldn’t deny that anyone can get confused with the numerous commands, but as confusing as it can be, a listening ear and an attentive heart can tell the last and most important command.

Filled with several commandants is the field of life. A commandant to someone can be a mentor, to another a tutor, to another a pastor and yet to another a father.

As you and I try to march forward, several instructions begin to come from diverse sources, but we need wisdom to decipher between the numerous, the penultimate and the last command that will lead to our forward movement.

Little wonder, the attempt of many to march forward lead to a marching backward because they have given several naïve and blind people the place of a commandant in their lives.

Yet, someone might be saying, I am the commandant of my own life. You will soon discover that you have gathered several wounds and scars.

The easiest way to slow down your pace and carry the burden of several wounds is learning by experience, rather than learning from elders.

Some other people claim that God is their commandant, but you seem to be unaware of the way of God. He is a God of order and protocol. He will not do what men should do, He will only instigate them for you.

Having a commandant is a necessity to facilitate your speed in life.

But, having a commandant is not a status or a rank, it is knowing and identifying the last command that you must obey.

The last command is the instruction that is a product of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, experience and faith. No matter the tongue it is coming from, the time it is coming, the demands attached to it, and the risk attached to it, obey it. Obedience to the last command is a must if you will march forward.

Don’t forget, it is not about obeying anyone and anything. An ignorant move of obedience can facilitate a backward march.

Don’t just obey anything, don’t just obey anyone, but someone who is tested and trusted. If he is tested and trusted, be wise never to joke with his or her last command.

Are you still wondering what to do? Obey the last command and march forward!