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Two Must Win Battles

Our hands are most times eager for a dogfight with enemies, as our hearts love to quickly conclude that someone is the reason we long await our dawn.

But, there are things that are more potent than any enemy we must fight and win.


Until you win the battle against self, you might stick to a point.

Self loves comfort, but you cannot kiss comfort and welcome the new dawn. You must choose one. Though the new dawn will eventually bring comfort, but before the dawn breaks, you will need to leave your comfort zone.

Sleep is good, but you can’t court sleep and expect your dawn to break.

If you sleep when you feel like sleeping, talk when you feel like talking, eat when you feel like eating and you keep doing everything you feel like doing, your own self is already becoming an encumbrance in your way.

No success story is devoid of discipline, yet self dislike discipline. You either tame it, or it stops the breaking of your dawn.

See to it, that your body does what you need to do, to see what you want to see.

What You Must Leave

Some things are so glued to us and we are so used to some things that we feel, leaving them will kill us. It is absolutely untrue.

Whatever makes you feel so comfortable that you forget where you ought to be, will only stop you from progressing, leave it!

Whatever bad habit that is glued to you, detach yourself from it fast. It might be hard and it might take time. In fact, there are some addictions you might need to speak to a trusted heart about, go for a rehab and pray about, please do.

Whatever company or relationship that has kept you at a point, irrespective of the time, resources and sacrifices that has gone into it, leave!

Fight it, discipline yourself and liberate yourself. Be a slave to nothing and no one!