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Information or Deformation?

Confusion stood at the other end of the river for a long while, waiting for a boat that never existed.

No one knew he was waiting for a boat, we thought he was waiting for someone at the other end, until he asked someone after a long time of waiting.

Little did he know that, there was a bridge a few steps from where he was standing to cross to the other side.

Most times we postpone the breaking of our dawn because we shut our ears to information and close our eyes to the unending options that lies around them.

There are opportunities everywhere, but you’ll keep kicking your balls behind the net if you’re not informed about where the goal post is properly positioned.

Information expands our minds, but a narrow and shallow mind can only explore the little it can take.

Access to information about channels that can be harnessed to maximize our potential will facilitate the breaking of our dawn.

We all have what it takes for our dawn to break, but we need information to open our eyes to possibilities that we can explore.

Sometimes we ignore the little that someone is building a city with, but fix our eyes on the products of handicapped and confused minds, until we begin to replicate its similitude.

The value of information is that you get valuable information. Information is so powerful that it can open our mind to varieties of solutions that will end our confusion and frustration.

Something might be new and unknown to you, but that does not mean it is new. Information will give you access to those who have threaded similar paths and the clues you need to get to your destination.

Information is everywhere, but it will not come to you where you’re seated; go for it, sought for it and pay for it. No matter how much it cost, it will never be more expensive than the coat of deformation that lack of information will sew for you.

Get informed, stay informed, there is an information that will usher in the breaking of your dawn.