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The Little Beginning

He who is waiting for a big start will start nothing. What you start little will ensuingly grow to become big if you water it with commitment, consistency and faith.

When you start what you lack capacity to sustain, irrespective of how big it seems at first, it will soon peter out. What you cannot sustain, you cannot be consistent in, and what you cannot be consistent in cannot usher in the breaking of your dawn.

How you start a thing matters, but what matters is not how small you start, but if what you start can stand the test of time.

You can start a business with three digits. If you can sustain it, it will increase to four, six, seven and much more, but if you start with six digits and you cannot sustain it, it will eventually drop to three and zero digits.

Several ideas that can usher in your dawn lies in you, but you might have being telling yourself, “I don’t have this, I need that and that”. It’s errorless that you need that, and you don’t have this and that, but you have something you can start with no matter how little.

Let people mock you if they want, they will be the same set who will spread the story of how you started when it becomes something. As a little drop makes an ocean and a little seed becomes a great tree, so will that little become if your start.

Don’t start from where you are not, start from where you are. You got a job of five digits every month, and you’re spending as if you’re earning six digits instead of investing and saving. Is that how to start? You’re worth five digits and you collected loan to have a wedding of seven digits instead of maximizing little. Is that how to start a home? You started a business you can’t maintain and employed workers you cannot afford to pay regularly. Is that how to start a business?

The sowing season is for the harvest season. If you don’t start by sowing the little seeds in your hands and all you do is to eat until you eat fruits and seed together, you’re only extending the breaking of your dawn.

It is not too small to sow, it is not too small to start with. You can start from there. Never underestimate the power of a little beginning!

I can’t wait to read your success story!


When will my Time Come?

Waiting for the breaking of the new dawn might be frustrating, but we must understand the place of time in the breaking of our dawn.

The hours of darkness does not last beyond the night. It is never in the plan of God that anyone should taste sorrow beyond a while.

But, many times we do the things that we ought to when we feel like it and eventually slow down the breaking of our dawn.

Everything in existence is subject to time except God, the creator of time. Yet He doesn’t displace the importance of time in any of His undertaking. Anytime you do not allow time to take its course, you are disrupting the order of nature. Whatever you do not subject to time, will fade away in no time.

Time is a revealer. Whatever is hidden today, time will soon reveal its identity. Whatever you want to validate its authenticity, give it time. It’s not every offer that will usher in your dawn, give it time.

Time is a teacher. There are certain processes we must go through before the breaking of our dawn that takes time. Don’t jump the process, even if it takes time. If you do, no matter how far you’ve gone, you’re still coming back to where you started from.

The breaking of the dawn is time bound. If you fail to sow when you should, don’t expect harvest when others are. If you fail to master the things you should on time, you might delay the breaking of your dawn.

It is true that we want the dawn to break as soon as now, but it is not always so if the time for it is not now. Wait for your time.

Don’t lose hope, it is a matter of time, your new dawn is about to break.


Who Did You Help?

Irrespective of who you are and the height you have attained, there is always someone whose help you need and someone who needs yours.

Be sincere to yourself. Whose success did you contribute to? Who did you put a smile on his face? Who was stranded that you helped out? Who was in darkness that you became their light? Whose life did you add salt to?

You might have helped people who are ingrates and nefarious, but that must not stop you from doing good. It might not be the body you clothed that will be there when you need one, but helpers never lack help.

It’s a seed that you will reap. But there are things we call help that is not a seed. How will you be taking advantage of other people’s need, and you’re calling it help? Foundations you start for your selfish pursuits and publicity might be helping lives, but it’s not a seed. You‘re already getting the accolade.

It is true you are helping people, but aren’t you turning yourself into a god? Every time that person come begging for a cup of water, you know deep within you that you can help him dig his own well. Why did you hesitate to do it?

Genuine help is driven by love and compassion, not ambition. It’s not an attempt to create the impression of being good, nor a show off.

The more you help genuinely, the more you attract helpers; the more you attract helpers, the faster the breaking of your dawn.


The Role of Others in the Breaking of Your Dawn

God made no one as a whole hog, you need me and I need you. Though you are taking the major role, but you must connect, inspire and motivate all others to also take their role for your dawn to break.

There are others who have sworn to impede your dawn by all means, but irrespective of who they are and what they are up to, what has the greatest and the most potent capacity to overcome evil is good. It might be painful to be good to them, but it is the most gainful.

There is someone on whose counsel you will see the light. There is someone you will help that will speed up the breaking of your dawn. There is someone who will be the ladder you will climb up.

Figure out who it is and their role in the breaking of your dawn. If he is to connect you, don’t go begging for money from him. If he is to speak the word that will cause your dawn to break, don’t go requesting connection from him. Be sensitive to recognize and harness each person’s role in the breaking of your dawn.

There are about four people who will contribute to the breaking of your dawn:

*Your family and relatives*
Every life that will make something out of life needs a home. Everything you will become starts from there, and none can ignore his foundation and build anything reasonable.

Irrespective of the enormity of what comes with your dawn, its sweetness is dependent on who you share those happy moments with. Nothing you go after must be at the expense of your relationship with them. Water your relationship with them, and maximize every moment you share with them.

*Your enemies*
You might see them as the reason your dawn has not broken, but they are a major source of motivation, a needed tool to keep you doing what must be done for the breaking of your dawn.

If you’re aiming for nothing, you don’t attract enemies. That itself should confirm that there is something in you and about you that is becoming a threat to the enemies, see to it that it sees the day break.

*Your Friends*
Your friends influences the path you walk in, the way you see things, the choices you make and your preference. Directly or indirectly, they can stop or facilitate the breaking of your dawn. Choose your friends wisely.

What we see have a great influence on what we do, and these set show us practical examples of what happens in certain paths in life.

Let no one’s life mislead you. If he is not becoming or has become what you want to become, don’t emulate him, just learn from his errors.

When life’s path is confusing, consult wise elders and a simple word of wisdom from their tongues can fix it all. Learn from elders.

Do not displace the place of others in the breaking of your dawn, such omission might stop your dawn from breaking or postpone it to the night of your life.

Connect to some and disconnect from others. It is an act you must master for your dawn to break.

I love you.