What Do I Need?

Knowledge and Exposure

Someone once said, ‘if you know better, you will do better.’ The true evidence of knowing is doing.

Knowledge will expose you to what others are not seeing, and expose the true form of what seems good.

The more you know, the more you want to go for the reality of what you know. The more you contact what you know in reality, the more you become exposed to realities and possibilities.

The world is on the move and everything is changing at every tick tock. If you do not keep a constant interaction with the outside world and technological advancements, you’ll be dazed at how far you’ll find yourself behind others.

Many things have been found that many are still searching for. Several problems has been solved, that many are still battling with. Life is filled with hidden holes, but there are many that knowledge will expose you to and show you the way out.

If you fail to learn, you will learn by failure.


Training and retraining is a major key that helps to facilitate the breaking of a man’s dawn.

There are trainings we enroll for and pay for, and others that we don’t enroll for, that life enrolls us for.

It might seems hard on us, but unknown to us, our hands are getting trained and this sets us on course to handle certain things that will catapult us to our next level.

It’s not too expensive to go for, if it will sharpen your hands. As harsh as life’s training school might be, don’t run away and don’t fail to learn from her.

An Optimistic Approach

Many people hate bumps on the road, not knowing that it is the bumps that will help them to slow down and see the road better.

You must keep your heart lighted up even if everything seems gloomy.

You cannot move slowly and expect your dawn to break when it is dawn, you will automatically slow down the breaking of your dawn. You need to be optimistic to get all the energy you need to get there.

Moving at a normal pace might be difficult when things are not falling in place as expected. It might become more difficult when your reward does not commensurate with your efforts, but you must remain optimistic in such seasons.

Choose to see what you want to see irrespective of what you are seeing in the present.

The Eyes of Faith

Open your eyes and heart to possibilities.

You must see beyond the physical to the supernatural. Its not enough that you believe it can happen, rather, see it happening.

Irrespective of what you face, how you see it determines what it will become. Don’t fail to face your challenges and fix your problems, never let anyone deceive you that it is too big. See through the eyes of faith.

Prayers can cause the dawn to break, prophecies can seal the breaking of your dawn, but only your move of faith will usher you into the new dawn.

LOVE ME XV In Everything

There is a season
And a reason
For everything
As one thing
Leads to another thing
We find ourselves in some things
Below our expectations
And beyond our preparations

For the aberrations of mortality
And the multifaceted reality
Makes it a must
That what is dust
Must have a bite
Of this and that

Life took you into something
And you feel like you’ve got everything
Only to forget everything
God taught you when you had nothing
Yet you say, I love God
He is my Lord

Will you call this love for Him?
When you deserted Him
And walked out on Him
When you refused to give your hat
Not to talk of a fat
Portion of your this and that
And on you sat
The feeling of I got it all
Because I stood tall
Sweat and did all
Before I got a seat in the King’s hall

Will you call this love for Him?
When you forgot Him
Because you’re into something
That has suddenly become like everything
And you no longer
Yearn to spend time with Him any longer

Will you call this love for Him?
When you blame Him
And ignore Him
Because you face distress
And wore the sorrowful dress
That makes your life seem like a mess

Will you call this love for Him?
When you deny Him
Because He served you a test
To bring out of you the best
That will secure you an enviable vest

Love it is not
If you love Him not like you ought
Because you sought
For something
And you’ve not yet gotten any thing

Whatever comes your way
Come what may
In April or May
In sun or rain
In sweetness or pain
When you’re in lack
Or can afford more than a pack
When you lost
Who to you was first
When you’re stuck to a spot
And nothing left in your pot
When you have many things
Or you’ve got nothing

In everything
When every thing
Is working in your hands
And you possess your lands
In everything
Not because He just gave you something
But for who He is
And for the peace
He bought with his life
To give us life

With your heart, soul and mind
And all your hand find
All the way
And all the day
For everything
He did to buy you everything
Love Him
Like the first love you had for Him
Just like He loves you

This he ask from you
Not even for Him
But so you’ll enjoy Him
And have access to all
He paid for in all
Till you have a happy ending
When you get to your life’s ending

Thank you for patiently reading and meditating through the lines and rhymes of ‘LOVE ME’ series. Your enviable end is my pleasure!
Watch out for the upcoming series!


LOVE ME XII All the Way

I couldn’t help but wonder
Why he pressed further
Though he knew she can’t be a mother
For him to become a father
Just yesterday
We still talked about that day

All the bills he had paid
And his chosen maid
Called to see him
But sounded strange to him
He woke himself up
Stood up and looked up
Like one who was daydreaming
Or she was kidding
But soon he realized
After the truth she analyzed
That it was the truth
Though the bitter truth

‘How will I marry one
Who cannot conceive anyone
Who will be my seed
And follow my lead’
But what I anticipated
That he intended
After he knew
Something new
About her that day
Was to walk away
But he didn’t for a day
And stayed all the way

Then I realized
As well as analyzed
To love is a thing
But another thing
Is to love all the way

And if there is one way
To love he who our debt with his life pay
Then the one way
Is to love him all the way
And how to love him all the way
Is to obey what he say
All the way
Even when what he say
Is not what we see
Or even looks like a sea
For none can claim to love God
And fail to obey God

And one other way
To love him all the way
Is to love his way
Walk in his way
And trust him all the way
Even when we can’t understand his way
Or men show us a better way
To get to the height
That we long to sight

And only those who love the Way
All the way
Does he show his way
And in knowing his way
Lies the way
To the land
That only his hand

Can take you there
From here

MARCH FORWARD V The Treasure Boxes I

I ferreted my room until the room I had arranged myself became topsy-turvy. I wasn’t sure where the necklace was, but I was sure it was somewhere in my room.

I was becoming antsy and wanted to go for the closest alternative, but I didn’t want to because I had bought it for that day’s outing. While I was still considering the options, my phone rang and it was the person we were going together.

I quickly opened my jewelry box but couldn’t believe what I saw. The same box I had checked and didn’t find anything, was the same one I found it in.
It wasn’t that it wasn’t there, but I didn’t search it well.

The answer to how you will move forward lies in certain treasure boxes, and you must unremittingly search them.

Figuring out ‘how’ is always better than starting anyhow only to eventually realize that you have started the wrong way. But, it is better to start somehow than staying at a point, because in every mistake you make trying to march forward lies lessons that will teach you better ways to march forward.

The answer to ‘how’ lies in four treasure boxes:

Results lies in consultations. Sometimes consultations might be costly, yet many times it cost nothing than to seek it.

There are resource people all around you, consult them. Someone has marched through the path you want to march through; someone is already where you want to march to; and someone is currently marching through the same path, consult them.

Ask someone the way you can execute that idea. Ask someone how he managed to raise the fund he used for the project you intend on starting. You can escape that pit if you consult.

But, it is not about asking anyone. Don’t consult him because he has what you want, he is where you want to be or he is older and experienced, but because he went through the path you want to go through to get to where he is that you want to be.

Many people are where you want to be and have what you want, but only few took the right path there. It is those few that you must consult. Right consultations that propels a doing birth unwonted results.

That readers are leaders is no longer a news. Hidden in the pages of books are treasures far beyond measures that breaks the chains of limitations. Within the lines of books lies several unending answers to questions that will not only tell you how, but show you ‘how’.

The success story of men are written in books. They are not to entertain you and dazzle you, they are to show you ‘how’.

The theories men have practiced and the errors they committed while trying to practice them, lies in books; read them. You will know what to do and how to do what you want to do.

The untried theories and ideas of great minds also lies in books; they might be cowards not to try them and lack self discipline to practice them, but it works. Only he who tries to work it out will enjoy its dividend.

Wrong and time wasting books are baneful to marching forward. They will only fill your head with terrible ideas and sometimes make you believe life is chocolate and candy.

Don’t just read books, choose what you read; read right, read well and live the right things you read!

Thank you for reading!


Say what you can say best

Do what you can do best

Pursue what gives you zest

Live what you can live best

You might not be the fastest

You might not become the greatest

Or even the first

But you will be the best

Where your destiny rest

If you do not stay in the nest

From the east to the west

Even to the north and farthest

You’ll be heard soonest