LOVE ME VI No Pain No Gain

Who would take a stroke for a friend
Or go as far as a dead end
Just for him to save
Though it is not safe

Who could tell the height
Or the plight
Of a womb watching its seed
Dry like a field

Yet the things that are costly
In life are the most lovely
And the sweetest of tale
Mostly started like something pale

Yesterday I gave it a thought
And try to sought
Why the things we do for others
Takes us beyond the borders
We felt we cannot cross
Though weighty the cross

And I realize
One thing life emphasize
Is nothing really comes easy
That will be fancy
Like word and opposite
The one that will seat
Next to the other
Will be as extreme as the other
Show me pain
And I’ll show you the house of gain

A bad habit
In your home might sit
But you must get
Yourself out of its net
You might feel like you’re about to die
But it’s nothing but a lie
It might be painful
But soon be gainful

The message of the cross
Might have your path cross
But seems hard to embrace
And run the race
The path easy might not be
But there lies the best you can be

For that which was not easy yesterday
Is what made him today
The reason
We can dedicate a season
To celebrate him
And Father the greatest name gave him

LOVE ME IV Did You Hear What I Heard?

It’s everywhere
I heard it there
The king heard about it
The wise ruminate on it
And gathered some to meet
For this was it
They couldn’t bear
A thing they thought mere

I saw amidst them rancour
For the strangest thing which occur
We must make them believe
His followers all try to deceive
And his remain they stole
After the stone they roll

Yet nothing confirm
What they tried to affirm
Like a bitter sweet
Sweet to chew like meat
Yet bitter to swallow
For many the tale hallow

They wrote their version
Tried to plant confusion
But couldn’t run at the pace
For it was no longer their race

I hated a second hand tale
So I went to see the head and tail
Of that which they say
They saw on the way

My balls could not decode
What seems to be a baffling code
By the time I looked again
I saw the mark and pain
Like one who saw a ghost
My feet started dancing at the post
As if a performer plays
Though a word I have to say
But my tongue was stuck to its roof
For what I see prove
What I heard under my roof

Like a dumb whose tongue was sealed
And a lame healed
I jumped up and screamed
He is alive!
And end has come to strife
For he has bought us life
At the cost of his life
#Easter Series#Happy Easter#

LOVE ME V The Unforgettable Date

He sent us an invite
And told some to write
That which they hear
Since he’s been here

I wanted my head to lay
But my eyes didn’t want to lay
Maybe for that which I behold
That’s difficult to hold
Or the rising of the sun
Though the moon’s reign still be on

She looked so excited
And delighted
As her curve she check
And imagined the peck
Of her prince
Who had fixed that date
For their date

And so I felt
Like the maid felt
When my Lord
Sent to us a word
To meet him at ‘Lee
For this dawn I long to see

Maybe someone bribed time
But what could he do with a dime
As if he moves not anymore
Like he used to before
Or is it I who couldn’t wait
Till morrow for the date

He came right on time
And we who couldn’t wait for time
Had set the table to dine
With him and wine
But the words he speak
Made us to think
That we know not what to say
Or what to pray

‘My time is up
And I must go up
That you might come
When you become
What I died for
And taught you before

Yet not just you
For what I have shown you
Is not just for you to see
But for them to be
This I plea
As I go
To the world you go
Strengthen the weak
Heal the sick
And my kingdom first seek’

My apples were heavy
For my heart was heavy
The good moments we share
His words we hear
The days we slept hungry
The scene of when he was angry
And the parable he say
I recalled as these words he say
And tears on my eyes lay
As he was taken away

#Easter Series#Happy Easter#

LOVE ME III What Next ?

Like a group of rats
Chased by a cat
The crowd none dismissed
But they knew not their seeds miss
Till they found themselves
At their abode and asked themselves
What brought we upon ourselves
For it was their tongue which say
Let his blood on us lay

Fear walked around the street
In broad day light
And seized the old and young
Yet some who this long
Felt they achieved a feat
And gathered around their seat
To ensure
Where he lay they secure

But a question lingers
On every heart like fingers
Moving to and fro on a body
Yet none was ready
For the unimaginable
That got them unstable

I know not why fear gripped the boy
But he held close his toy
And to his mother’s room knocked
Though it was locked
And to them he say
What he saw while he lay

I saw a strange sight
One who shine so bright
Entered my room
Held a broom
And swept everywhere
Till all were
Without dirt
And he showed him a shirt
With stain and dirt
But this he washed
With the blood that flowed
From the wound he had

I thought the blood, stain will add
But the shirt came out new
And that was all I knew

Questions parade in their heart
But there was no light
To lead them to what they sought
But he who wrote this plot
Knows what He intends
And how it will end

#Easter Series#Happy Easter#

LOVE ME II This Must Be Love

That which I heard
Again and again read
What can this be
Was the question glued to me
Like a man
Who found love in a woman
Who loves him not
Yet stuck to his thought

Yesterday I saw her left
The house of one known for theft
And softly kissed him goodnight
But I couldn’t believe my sight
How can He reject
A true love and neglect
But one who worth it not
He this he got

I cannot still believe
Neither find I relieve
For that which I see
Must be a play I see
My tongue screamed like a hit
But none heard it
I wished I could reach out
To someone or shout
But none heard my cry

Is this a man you fry
Or roasted like fish
And to tongues dish
What did him
That you did this to him

Like a functioning tap
Their spit and slap
Beckon on his flesh to give way
For his blood on the earth lay

I saw him mutter a word
That sounded like Lord
But again his side
They opened out wide
With a sword
And gushed out blood

The fiercest of scene it was
In the sight of all of us
It was him who rode on a horse
And adulation came from us
Yet these hands struck him
Though it was him
Who quench our thirst yesterday
Yet treat him this way

They said he was wrong
But nothing he did wrong
Yet he bore it all
And stood tall

This can only be craziness
Or love in its fullness
That with all
And through it all
His tongue could utter
‘Their misdeed alter’

He lifted up his eyes
As if in the sky lies
One who will arrive
For him to survive
But nothing came forth
Than darkness from the North
Till it envelops us all
And fear lay hold of all
For Light our hands pack
And rolled into a sack
Yet we knew it not
But to die was his lot

…see to it, that your life measure up to the reason for the sacrifice of the cross…

#Easter Series# Happy Easter#

LOVE ME I The Crown Prince

Difficult it was
But their only choice
Like a senate siting
Or an elder’s meeting
Was the round table
To sought what’s reasonable
That will end the long search
For a way to clear the trash

First I thought it was a banquet
And so were the guest
Not until He made a request
To end His quest

As if no ear was in sight
And non could dare to climb the height
No response came from anyone
As there was none but one

He rose in the hall
To end it all
While all on him stare
And looked like one who had a nightmare
Maybe in their heart they say
There was no way
He can do what He say
For it was painted
And bolded
Right on their face
That he knows not what he’ll face

He was a prince
And now a Crown Prince
But what was to befall him
And what lies ahead of him
Was beyond what He told him
Maybe this he didn’t realize
Or fail to analyze
But the look on his face
You can tell it will take grace
For him to run the race

The spectators were a large host
Of the living and the ghost
And I wanted to behold the scene
But I was not yet in
Those who this tale I read their version
Told me he had an option
But he said he had no option
Than to face what lies ahead
Though like a rock on a lad’s head

..Don’t just celebrate Easter, utilize the unquantifiable sacrifice that birth this season!…


firstCarefully made out of dust

Clothed with glory that can’t rust

Perfect with nought to adjust

Yet in us His being entrust

And gave us the place of first

Amidst all He had made first

What made us who we’re at first

Is God who made us at first

Yet we go our way and worst

Some for God and some for lust

For we’re made not as robot

But made perfect all at first

To function as the first

But we will only get lost

Except we find God at first

And give Him the place of first

For we can’t become the best

That we’re made to be at first

Till daily in Him we trust