For Everything

How many times we wonder

And sometimes sit to ponder
Why a lady does a lot
Yet with the man still fought
As if she has no worth

We sometimes seem to forget
Or this fact neglect
Only few will see something
Good in everything
You will ever do
But others, careless what you do
No matter how you try
Yourself you’ll only fry
Those you’ll never satisfy

And in this lies an important lesson
For one of the reason
To stay in love with a person
Is to love him for everything
And not for something
For if he stops doing that thing
That to you is the ‘something’
That propels your love
Then that ends the tale of your love

And how can you validate your love
For God who showered you with love
When you only love him for something
And love him not for everything
For it was he who became everything
For you to have everything

And maybe for a reason
You found no reason
To love him even for a season
Or you’re asking
Love him for what reason
The courses I failed
The job I lost though I prayed
The only one I had
That death took from my hand
The prayers I pray
But see not the ray
The bed of lack on which I lay
Or the tragedy that has come my way

Yes, if you see it that way
There is no way
You will love him for a day
But how about seeing it the right way
There is no way
God will write a script
That will be a tragic script
There is no way
He will treat you that way
But when this comes our way
We tend to say
God is wicked in a way

But get this straight
God never promised a path that is straight
For with our hands
Brought troubles to our lands
But even as that
It was for that
He gave us his son
To shine on us the sun
That will end our strive
But we fail to allow him drive
And ignore his instruction
To save us from destruction
Or we sometimes listen
But give him the reason
Why we can’t do
What He wants us to do
And we walk into the devil’s trap
Drink from his tap
Only to get hurt
And say God put that lot
In our pot

God tempts no man
But only test man
To prepare him for the next phase
And still help him through that phase
For in this race
Everyone has got something to face
And God will never do nothing
Except you handle him as nothing

He does everything
And becomes everything
That he might become our need
Every time we have a need
For nothing we need him to be
Will he fail to be
But from us he desire
And for this he require
That we love him for everything
He has been in everything
To give us everything

LOVE ME XIII All the Day

Sometimes the day
Might seem short in a way
And other times
Nothing rhymes

We know yesterday
Might not be like today
But no matter what comes our way
All through the day
He wants our love all the day

Each and every day
Should be a new way
Of loving God in a better way
And to love all the day
Is to love him afresh
And our longing for him each day is fresh
Like the breaking of a new day
Anew and refreshingly
Afresh and excitingly

For there are dimensions
And levels of expressions
To loving him
Though you didn’t stop loving Him

If what you felt before is no longer the same
As when you now have fame
Or what’s that man’s name
That you gave God’s place
Or it’s with your job his place you replace

It is best we learn this now
And understand how
To love Him all day
Before one day
We’re left with not a drop
Of love for him to even top

As new every morning
And you get to every turning
Keep your love burning
And how to keep it burning
Is to communicate with Him every day
Walking with Him night and day
Getting Him involved in all
Sharing with Him all

When you feel like crying
Or you feel like dancing
When you feel like shouting
Or you feel like chilling
In all you go through all day
Push him not away
And say not, ‘He wouldn’t understand anyway’
Or why did he allow this come my way?

You feel like this and feel like that
Why not tell Him that
You want to do this and want to do that
Why not tell him like that
You’re thinking of this and that
Why not express to him what goes on in your heart
Until you learn to do that
You’ll soon wake up to realize that
His love is no longer fresh in your heart

For loving him all the day
Attracts His hand all the way
And in all you do
Men will see what only God can do

LOVE ME XI With All Your Mind

‘I don’t mind
If you’re blind
Or out of your mind
All I know is
It’s like this
Unending fire
Burning like a tyre
Set on fire
Desiring to move to your empire’

What does that sound like?
Like Genevieve and Jim Iyke
‘Love You Till I Die’
But let it start like tie and dye
Soon will it fade away
And go to lay

Show me emotional gush
And I’ll bet it will soon flush
Show me love with understanding
And I’ll show you love that will be standing
The test of time
Either it first taste like lime
Or seems nothing more than a dime

Are you sure you’re in love?
But this doesn’t resemble love
Or maybe it does
But it is false

First with your heart
And your soul like that
But one more thing
To crown everything
Love him with your mind
And this love is not blind
For in the mind
Lies the seat of knowledge
The archives of college
And the lessons learnt at Challenge

Ask the man of Galilee
What he felt on the tree
If it was still love
Like the first love
He had for the Father
Before it became tougher

Yet you say
I love you all the way
And change your say
That very day
You stopped seeing the ray

When you have reasons to smile
Or cry for a while
When you have what you want
Or faced with lack or want
When you get your desire
Or for years aspire
When you drown in pains
Or your ban filled with gains
When you’re sad and lonely
Or when you’re in glory
When you long for a thing for years
Or you have the best of years
When you long to fall in love
Or you’re with the one you love
And when nothing dances to your beat
Or you have your favorite meat

It will take
That you’re awake
With an open mind
And make up your mind
To love with your mind
Not that love is blind
Thing you watch on Bollywood
But to love him when it’s good
Or when you think nothing seems good
And love him all the way
No matter what comes your way

LOVE ME X With All Your Soul

What best defines a man
And the man in the man
Like the depth
Of what he kept
In his soul
Either he is whole
Or an empty pole
Depends on its richness
Or its poorness

Though like the first
That captures the rest
But not only with the heart
But the soul like that

For who best understand
Even his own heart’s stand
When many times we can’t tell
What it wants or wants to sell

And for that he went further
And a bit farther
Since he being a father
Understands our weakness
And desire to end our duress

You can make your soul
Not a part but the whole
Love he who love your soul
For therein lies life for your soul

And if you care to ask the question
What is my soul in question
That part of mortality
That was breath into you by IMMORTALITY
And made you a living soul
A dust that now have a soul
Wherein lies your will
The knowledge of a seal
And the reason for the purgation
Of your emotion

And if this it be
Then love with this will be
A birth of a knowing
And that which is willing
Which soon powers a feeling
Like that sweet feeling

That’s the picture
Of what his words capture
When with our soul he ask us to love
Him as on us he showers love

First with our heart
And then all our soul’s parts
Until there is no part
That is left out
And our tongue can shout
I love you loud
Not just from the clouds

LOVE ME IX With All Your Heart

Maybe you wonder
And sit to ponder
How best can I love one
Who became the only one
Willing to go that far
That I may go far

Many things we want to do
But know not how to do
Yet not that there lies no way
But we’ve not figured the way

Who knows love’s way
Than he who knows God’s way
Who can love God
And not make the son his Lord?
Who makes the son his Lord
And not know the word?

For in the word lies
Three ways to love beyond lies
Or a seasonal profession
That’s a birth of emotion

First in your heart
Give him a mat
Or mattress
To find a place to rest

For he who loves with his heart
He whom he loves with his heart
Becomes the reason
He does what he does at that season
Not that he has no mind of his own
But our heart is like a throne
And he who sits on it
Determines what happens to it

Remember Belinda
When you were in love with her
And your heart longs to see her
Because with your heart you love her
And like your heart stops
And nothing again pops
When she’s far
That you travelled that far
Just to see her
And be with her

If there is a way to love the Lord
Like that love the Lord
Not for a while
Or when you’re at Nile
But empty without his presence
And his silence is like the absence
Of air
Like no air
If he is not here
And you don’t want to go there
If he aren’t there

Until like that
You love him not with your heart
And til you love him with your heart
Love isn’t what he calls that

LOVE ME VIII Like I love you

I see love in his eyes
But in hers lies
Didn’t he realize it
Or only ignored it

Maybe for the saying
That love is ‘blinding’
But who would agree
A man of his pedigree
Knows better than that
How will he give his heart
To one who loves him not
And flirt with one from North

We beat the drum of hate
But he didn’t wait
To quickly sing the song
Of love all day long

But that which he has given
He only ask for even
Though this we deny him
And give no attention to him

I Learnt you were raining
Curses on him and crying
Because he jilted you
But what about you
Have you asked sincerely
How many times you’ve unfaithfully
Jilted he who loves you first
And gave his life to give you rest

He offended you once
And you couldn’t forgive him once
But how many times
Have you overtime
Seek for God’s forgiveness
And he gives in return goodness

Is it too much to ask
Or too great a task
To love he who love you
More than you love you
Like he loves you?

LOVE ME VII All for Love

It was written on their faces
They thought it was ‘craze’
But he only
Knows the only
Reason he does
What he does

Could it be for the glory he saw
Or he eye a throne or more
For in this answer
Lies the answer
To why many never get
To the finishing line to get
What they pay the price of pain
To reap the fruit of gain

Would you believe me when I say
He went all the way
Not for the throne set before him
Nor the name eventually given to him
But for the humblest of reason
And what was the reason

One whom he loves most
The Lord God of Host
Ask it of him to be the sacrifice
To pay the price
Of the stupidity
Of mortality

And for love
For he whom he love
And for love
For you whom he loves
He did it all
And bore it all

Come to think of it
Was that worth it
But isn’t it obvious
That what he bought for us
Is far beyond us

And this is the reason why
You still lie
When you should fly
For the reason why you do
What you do
Is nothing but for you
And all for you
For when we do
What we do
For the wrong reason
We only postpone the season
Of our rising

If he who is running
Knows he would be soaring
If he is doing
What he is doing
To give hope to someone
And give life to one
He wouldn’t have been so blind
To ignore the blind

How beautiful the world will be
If you and me
Do not look away
But go all the way
To bring joy to the way
Of those who come our way

For there is no better reason
And no better way to season
Our lives than this reason