love God

The Word

“I will love thee, O Lord, my strength.”(Psalm 18:1 KJV)


David, a lover of God lived a life whose confession validates his love for God. He never saw his own strength as the reason for his victories but God’s help.

As David acknowledged the help of God in securing him victory again, He made a statement, ‘I will love thee, O Lord…’. With the future tense, ‘i will’, it makes it seem like David didn’t love God before that time and he was committing himself to now love God.

But that wasn’t the case, David was pledging his allegiance to God to love Him even more than ever before, fervently and devotedly than in the past.

Something had happened again in his life that has brought to him a clearer picture of the extent of God’s commitment to his life which propelled a desire to love God even more.

The amplified version stated that, I love you fervently and devotedly. It’s a depth of commitment. You can only love but loving fervently and devotedly is a deeper form.


Our love for God should get to the point when it is not just that we are loving Him or claim to love Him, but devotedly and fervently. It is not that we love Him but we want to keep loving Him. In the present, the future and for the past. Do you love God for your past or only for the future you look forward to Him to take you into?

If we only love Him in the present, we might wake up one day to realize that our love for Him is gone and now in the past.

It takes renewed and continual commitment to keep loving God.

See His hands in the victory of your battles rather than blame him for facing the battles.

Paying cognizance to, and acknowledging the deeds of God always is a major expression of our love for Him. The more you express it, the more your love for Him is refreshed.

Keep loving God!



The Word
“And the Lord God formed man of the DUST of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Gen 2:7dust

When God wanted to form man, He did not only have a picture of the purpose of his existence, He also clearly identified and stated it. He was so detailed to ascertain that every little thing He used aligned with the purpose of his creation. No wonder, He chose to make man in His own image and likeness because He knew it will take someone like Him to rule and have dominion over all He had created.

There was an important thing that God carefully chose when the trinity was set to commence the work, it was DUST.

God chose dust because He needed something flexible that can take the shape of what is on His mind.

Yet, beyond that, there was another important reason that its understanding will help us to understand who we are better.

If you take a close look at yourself and the human race, you would realise the capacity of man, the extent men have gone, can go, and will still go.

When God said, let us make man in our image and likeness, He didn’t mean someone close to what we are. He meant a duplicate of who He is in constituent, look, form and capacity.

This obviously reveals that mankind is capable of replicating the acts of God. No wonder there are several creations, inventions and mind blowing technologies. It is because the capacity lies in man who God made just like Him, except he limits himself.

But, it was a risk, yet God chose to take that risk. He entrusted the fullness of His nature into mankind, though He had already foreseen a time that His works will deny His existence and worst off use His nature in them against Him.

Come to think of it, how would you feel if you are in God’s shoes? How will you feel if you have a student who you committed all you’ve got to raise and end up as vast as you, but eventually turned against you? Wouldn’t you be badly hurt?

God has foreseen all these, yet He still entrusted His nature into us. But because He is the only wise God, He released His being not into a celestial container, but an earthly vessel, a dust (2Cor 4:7). God in a curtailed vessel is the only refrain that mankind has, yet, it is not a limitation, but a precaution.

Yes, yes and yes, it is only a deceit when someone calls you nobody or you see yourself as one, you have the very nature of God in you, no matter who and where you are. Except you limit yourself, nothing you can see and go for is impossible. I mean nothing!

But, don’t forgot that you’re a product of God’s creative capacity. You’re too detailed, fearful and wonderful to exist without a creator. Doing the will of your creator is not too much for Him to ask in return. After all, doing His will is more profitable to you than doing yours, as the best you can become rest in Him.

This also answers the question many people kept asking: why will the loving God send people to hell? But, we must first ask ourselves: why will the wise God allow people with the seed of devil in them to enter heaven? Why will he allow them when the constraint of the earthly vessel has been removed when He know that they will become another devil who will form a rebel against His throne and works? Spread your meat in front of a cat, and people will tell you how wise you are. The way to secure eternal life is purging yourself of impurity by accepting Jesus and allowing him to work in you.

Acknowledge your maker, reference Him, love Him and do His will. He deserves your commitment!



God still communicates His mind to humankind as much as He does in the past. The more we have access to His mind, the more we can become the God in us. Knowledge of His mind is access to the wisdom of God that can solve all the puzzles of life.

Knowledge of His mind comes in three different dimensions:

Pre knowledge, Present knowledge and Post knowledge.

The Three Dimensions

Pre Knowledge

Access to what is to come before it comes, is pre knowledge. Operation in this dimension is primarily a function of a consistent and intimate walk with God, propelled by deep love for Him.

Jesus knew just about everything that he went through on earth before its occurrence, because he was always in tune with his father.

Knowing what is to come before it comes, gives room to do what should be done before it comes. It also gives room to prevent what should not come, that is to come.

Present Knowledge

This dimension ascertains a spontaneous access to God’s mind, to access divine insight as a matter comes to sight.

As King Pharaoh was narrating the dream to Joseph, he was accessing the interpretation simultaneously. (Gen 41:22-25)

Accessing God’s mind in this dimension guarantees access to divine wisdom on time. But, only a renewed mind that has been trained to pick God’s mind irrespective of the noise around, can operate in this dimension.

Post Knowledge

Knowing the unknown after demand has been placed on knowing the unknown, is post knowledge.

Daniel sought the Lord and came back with answers, after King Nebuchadnezzar had placed a demand on the sage men of the land to tell him his dream and its interpretation. (Dan 2:16).

Operating only at the post knowledge dimension is the weakest and lowest dimension.

There are things that waiting to find out after sometime might not be able to solve again. Many destinies would have been sustained if they knew the journey they would embark on and not return before time.

Knowing the right thing at the wrong time can be as deadly as ignorance itself.

It is good to be able to access God’s mind, but the dimension at which we access it will tell on our journey in life.

The better the dimension, the more we can live long to fulfill destiny maximally!





The Word

‘And Moses answered and said, But, behold,  they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my  voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not  appeared unto thee. And the Lord said unto him,  What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.’  (Ex 4:1-2)

Implication and Application

It is in your Hands.

While Moses was busy sighting and presenting the reasons the mission of sending him to deliver Israel would not be successful, God was seeing the solution to his complaints in his hands.

He didn’t even realize that the answer to his question was in his hands. He didn’t even realize that, what he would need in the journey is in his hands. He didn’t even realize that, what God will use to do great signs and wonders is in his hands. He was still complaining of how the people would believe he was from God, when God was seeing the instrument he would use in his hands.

Just like Moses, most of us have been blinded to the solutions in our hands. Most of us are looking out when the solution lies within. Most of us keep struggling with a puzzle, when the answer lies in our hands.

Pay cognizance to yourself, the things in your hands and the people in your life. The solution and the way out is not far fetched. It is in your hands.

There is Something in your hands.

Moses didn’t even realize there was something worthwhile in his hands. It is wrong to think that you have nothing. No one has nothing.

Even if you don’t have money and great possession now, you have life. You have the capacity to reason productively, you have time, you have strength, you have gifts, you have people in your life and so many other things. There is something in your hands.

Living with the mentality of having nothing has limited so many people. Many people think they have nothing and they are at the disadvantaged end of life. People feel the people who are propitious are those that have something and will become something. That is not true. You have all it takes to become great and notable in life.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, you have something.

What you have in your Hands is not just Anything.

Moses didn’t see anything special in the rod in his hands. It was just a rod to him, but it became more than just a rod.

Many times, we don’t see anything special in what we have. We just see it as just anything. We don’t see anything special in who we are, we don’t see anything special in the people we have.

Your gifts are not just anything. The people in your life might not be famous and rich, but they are not just anything.

Every thing does not always look like what it really is. Gold might not look like gold in its raw form, but it is gold. Don’t reduce the value of what you have in your hands. Moses didn’t realize the worth of the rod, not until God used it to wrought miracles.

See more to the things in your hands and it will become more than you think it is. Your gift will only become something when you see more to it. The little you have is not little or just anything.

What is in your Hands?

When Moses told God the people would not believe him, God answered him by asking for what he has in his hands.

What do you have? Sometimes we expect God to do magic, forgetting that God will use what we have. God always ask for something to release something. God always ask for a seed that He would water. God always seek for what we have that He would use.

What do you have? When you get to a junction in life when you need a breakthrough or you’re in a fix or you desire a way forward, always remember to ask yourself, ‘What do I have in my hands that God can use? What do I have in my hands that will bring what I need to my hands? Who do I have in my life that will show or lead me to the way out?

Never forget that, no matter who you are, you do not have nothing. That seemingly little thing in your hands is what you need, if only you learn to maximize it!




The Word

“It takes eleven days to travel from Mount Sinai to Kadesh Barnea by way of the hill country of Edom.” (Deut 1.2 GNT)

“You will suffer the consequences of your sin for forty years, one year for each of the forty days you spent exploring the land. You will know what it means to have me against you!” (Num14:34.GNT)


It takes just 11days to reach Canaan which was God’s plan for the Israelite.

The spies spent 40days to explore and return (Num 14:25) back, but it became a journey of 40years for Israelite, because only two amidst those that saw God’s plan believed it (Num 14:30). The others were seeing giants instead of God.

They all eventually died in the wilderness, except those that believed.


We can be the reason for not entering into God’s plan for us. We must stop seeing others as obstacles like they were seeing the giants, but we must learn to also look within. (Num 13:33)

Though there are obstacles sponsored by the devil and men, on our way to enter into God’s plan, but if we focus our attention on the capacity of God, we will soon see the giants falling. Caleb and Joshua did that. It wasn’t that they didn’t see the giants too, but they focused on the capacity of God to deliver them.

The more we focus on giants or obstacles, the more we delay ourselves from entering the land, if we will even enter at all. Our concern should not be the giants on our way, but our responsibility to trust God and obey His instructions.

If we fail to take your role in His plan for us, we will miss out of His plan. This will not make God a liar or render His word invalid, we’re the one who will bear the loss.

It is not about the number of prophecies we’ve received, or the lands we’ve seen before us, we must take responsibility for it. That’s how to make it a reality.

When we make your choices in life, it is important to remember that, there are people attached to our lives and around us that would be affected. Though Caleb and Joshua believed, but they also shared in the punishment of wandering for forty years as well as Moses and Aaron.

The easiest way to make God stand against us is to disbelieve Him, which is the worst shoe any man can be on earth. If the devil is against anyone, God can counter it, but if He is, no one can. Believe God!

Before you go, ask yourself this questions:

Am I not becoming an obstacle for myself?

Am I not just staring at giants instead of focusing on God?

Which decision did I make that affected me and people around me?

Have I not made God stand against me because of my unbelief?

Your response would have helped you to identify what to focus upon. Please take responsibility for your own destiny! Don’t be an obstacle to yourself. See you at Canaan!


he in me 1

The Word

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own”  Cor 6:19-20 NIV

My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you” Gal 4:19 NIV


You might have heard and read these scriptures so many times, but I want us to look into the truth that Paul unraveled in the first scripture.

Man is a tripartite being: body, soul and spirit. The day a man receives Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to live in him and dwells in a specific part of him which is his spirit. Although our body is His temple, but where He lives in the temple is our spirit. This implies that, our spirit is His control room.

What does He do and how does He operate?

Ps. Benny Hinn said in one of His messages, “Jesus was born in my spirit, after that, he was formed in my soul and when he is formed in my soul, he begins to operate in my body.”

Think about this deeply. What He does is simple but gradual. From the control room, He gradually tries to transform our soul. He works on our mind, will and emotion, to take the form of Christ. But, he needs these parts to be released to Him, to be able to do His work. The body is then meant to reflect the formation that has taken place or is taking place in the soul.

If I do not release my will, when those without Christ fall into errors, I will also not be left out. This is because, I do my will. He has not taken over my daily decisions and steps. But, I would have enjoyed His presence in my life better, if only I release my will to him.

The same thing applies to every other constituent of my soul. The simple reason we do not reflect God, is refusal to release our soul to be transformed by the Holy Spirit in our spirit. If we do, our body will reflect it.


When I got this understanding, I started asking myself some questions. Which part of my soul am I refusing to release to the Holy Spirit to form? Which part of me is presently being formed?

Formation is not a rosy process. Formation is not an overnight process. And God never instructed us to start forming ourselves. He is the one who does the forming, but it is our responsibility to release ourselves by obeying every minute instruction while He forms us.

The work of salvation will become a burden, when we expect an overnight transformation. Who says you’ll be transformed in a day? Ask him if he did. Growth is gradual, because it’s a process.

Do not frustrate yourself because you are seeing a part of you that you do not like or you’ve tried to let go of, that seems not to be going. Because you struggled with it last year and you’ve not outgrown it this year, does not mean you should be hard on yourself and hate yourself. That is the reason He came into your spirit in the first place. It will take time. As we take a step at a time, we will be daily transformed and our body will reflect this transformation.