Absolute Trust in God


It’s been a long while since I shared an experience on ‘free to share’. Permit me to share what happened to me some weeks ago that helped me to trust God better.

It was past eight in the evening, when the pastor of my church announced that the two services will hold the following day.

I was amidst the choristers for the first service, and it was a spur of the moment. We thought it would be a combine service. Moreover, only three of us were around.

I was having stomach pains, but I didn’t want to distract others. All I could do was to pray for God’s leading as we sat to figure out what we would minister in the morning.

Just about then, one of us sang a short chorus that sounded like what we needed. We agreed apace to sing it and decided to compose verses to add to it and left.

By the time I got home to compose mine, the tone had slipped from my memory. But, as I beckoned to the Spirit within to remind me, I heard, “Do you trust me?” And I answered, “Yes.” “Just go and rest, I’ll help you,” He replied. I held on to His word and went to sleep.

I got to church only to realise that others didn’t compose any verse either. It was time to minister, and all we had was a short chorus, but I trusted the Holy Spirit’s word.

I can’t explain how, but, there was spontaneous inspiration as we ministered. As we dropped the microphone, the congregation applauded excitedly. As the pastor stepped on the pulpit, he also commended the ministration.

I was on my way home when a sister approached me and said, “I really love your ministration today ma, God bless you.”

It wasn’t the applause or the commendation that excited me, it was the knowledge of how sweet it is to trust Jesus.

It would have been irresponsibility if we knew there would be service earlier and didn’t rehearse. I would also have been irresponsible if I wasn’t in pains and I just slept without making any attempt.

But He saw our heart and our state, and He stepped in, because we trusted him.

I have never experienced, nor heard of any man who trusted in God and was put to shame.

Trust Him better, trust Him more, trust Him completely, trust Him now, and trust Him always. He won’t fail you.






“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.” James Russell Lowell

I am euphoric to bring to you a man whose life has blessed me greatly. His expertise and reliance on God has saved so many lives. He is a husband, a father, a medical practitioner, a pastor, the author of ‘Oracle for the Day’ and a mentor.

He will be sharing a notable experience with us on free to share this week.

DR OGUNSHINA: Thank you for inviting me on free to share.
An occurrence that I believe will be bettering, was during the period of my National Youth Service. I was posted to Taraba state, where we had our orientation camp and thereafter, I was posted to Jalingo for my service. I was made the State Bible Study Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship of Taraba. As a result of this, there was a lady that I was assigned to follow up.

Funny enough, because I didn’t want to hide my faith, I decided to buy a very big bible so that everyone that comes in contact with me will quickly recognize me with my faith.

One unforgettable day, I went to visit the lady I was told to follow up. After a while, she told me she wanted to go and change. I was stupefied when she appeared back unclad.
No one was looking. In fact, I was far from anyone that knew me. But, I started imagining that all my covenant friends were around and they were looking.

I asked myself, what will they say? Would they ever believe I could do such a thing if I do? I had a free meal right in front of me. But I made up my mind that day, no matter what it would take, I would hold fast to my faith.

Then I remembered a song,
“Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin;
Each vict’ry will help you, some others to win;
Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue;
Look ever to Jesus, He’ll carry you through.”

It was tempting, it was not easy to look away, but I fled that day and held fast to my faith.
Just few days after my encounter with her, I met her with her friend. She introduced me to her friend, but, she added something to the introduction that caught my attention. She said, ‘This is original pastor ooo’.

I asked myself that day, what if I had fallen for her seduction, then I would have become what kind of pastor?

I didn’t realize God was preparing me for the future until sometimes later. Since I became a medical practitioner, I have had several encounters in that regard, but the victory of that day, helped me to win some others.

There was a day, a beautiful lady walked into my office and asked me out, though she knew I was married. I didn’t walk her out that day, I simply gave her all the reasons that wouldn’t make it possible for me to go out with her or any other lady.

The same person later saw me sometimes later and was almost kneeling down to greet me in the public. I asked myself again, ‘what if I had started going out with her, she wouldn’t even be adding doctor to address me again, not to talk of kneeling down to greet me.’

Now, I feel assured and unmoved when I am faced with similar experiences. I know the victory of the previous years will help me to win some others. Sometimes when I am faced with such, I tell myself: it is too late to fall for this. If you didn’t more than a decade ago, you can’t now.

HOST: Thank you so much sir for sharing your experiences with us. One of the things I envy so much about you is the early mercy you’ve enjoyed. What will you call the secret of early mercy sir?

DR. OGUNSHINA: One thing that helped me to come this far early is the grace of God that hid me from errors and scars. I enjoyed grace while growing up. At the age of four, I was already a part of a scripture movement that exposed me early to the word of God.

I was also raised by strict Christian parents who taught me that Christianity is a cult and not just a thought. It’s a cult of people who lived strictly by God’s dictates. They exposed me to the scriptures and prayers which really helped me. At a point in my life, I got intimidated by people who told me about their salvation experiences. Their stories unveiled a dramatic drift after they had tasted the world.  I also decided that, I’ll try just a little out in the world, before I finally give my life to Christ. So, I decided to join the kegait club when i get to school.

I never knew God’s grace had arranged a beautiful set up for me that forfeited my plans.When I gained admission into the higher institution, I searched and searched for an accommodation, but the only place that was available for me was a deeper life secretariat. I had no choice, but to stay there for two good years. You can imagine what that did to me. Kegait became the last thing on my mind. My plan to taste the world was automatically abolished.

As a result of this, I escaped several errors and mistakes. There was no time to waste or get off the track. This helped me to move very fast into the future.

HOST: Sir, so early mercy is the product of God’s grace.

DR. OGUNSHINA: Yes, it is.

HOST: Ok, thank you sir. I will also love to ask, how do you combine the demands of a medical practitioner, a church pastor and author of a devotional?

DR. OGUNSHINA: Well, I have some other people in the medical profession that spend their spare time doing other things. I just decided that my extra curriculum activities will be God’s work. So to me, I don’t separate it, I feel it’s interwoven.

I have also enjoyed the support of my wife who is a teacher. This is the reason I didn’t marry a doctor. She has more time to stay back at home to fill the gap for me. While I am away, she is always around for the kids.

One other thing I do is to teach the young doctors what I do, which relieves me of the burden. Instead of feeling threatened by them, I expose them to the things I do, including the surgical operations I perform. I allow them to see so many things. Sometimes, when I couldn’t attend to some patients, I send one of them and people testify that they are good.

I do the same thing with the demands of a pastor. I am one person that do not derive joy in people commenting that when I wasn’t around, the service was not powerful without me. I allot responsibilities to people. I believe it is not who stands in front, but it is God that works through every vessel.

So, I simply let people do so many things. I believe strongly in division of labour and that’s what I do. This has helped me greatly to discharge my pastoral duties with ease.

In regards to the devotional I author, I have also enjoyed people’s support. The encouragements of my readers who will always ask me when they do not get their copy, has become a source of motivation for me to keep writing, even when it is demanding.

I have also learnt to discipline myself to write down the inspirations I receive every day, no matter how busy or tired I am.

HOST: Wow! Thank you so much for freely sharing with us on free to share. It’s indeed a great privilege to have you here sir.

DR OGUNSHINA: Thank you so much for inviting me.

I am blessed. Are you? Feel free to share with us on free to share. Your experiences can save a soul. Thank you for dropping by.


The last time, I shared my experience about a major challenge at a specific phase of my life, and how it became a testimony.

This time around, I am delighted and privileged to have my own flesh and blood, an anointed and dynamic minister of God who operates powerfully in the teaching and prophetic ministry; Revd. Steve O.A. Awoleye. He will freely share an experience with us and how he emerged as a victor.

Revd. Steve O.A Awoleye on Free to Share:

Thank you my sister, I am ecstatic to be on free to share. Let me start from the days the man was still a boy.

I started my education on a rather pathetic note. I said pathetic because I attended the same primary and secondary school that my mum and dad attended, which had no English teacher.

Ridiculously, I had to go back to primary one when I was already at primary five because I couldn’t read the Yoruba alphabets. As a result of this, I remembered that I was denied four meals.

Though I was cool headed at home, but I was the opposite at school. Though I was committed to church activities, but I wasn’t born again. It took grace for me to scale to the Senior Secondary School. Still, there was no English teacher in my school. The only one I ever knew, doesn’t even know what he was teaching and worst of it all, he was a palm wine drunkard. He drinks to stupor before coming to school every day. This influenced me and other students who later became palm wine drinkers.

By the time I wrote my Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), I passed only Yoruba (P8) and failed other courses (F9).

I sat again for the examination the second time and had three credits in Christian Religious Studies, Yoruba and Biology and failed the rest.

Because I failed after paying the principal to sit as a special student, I led a riot against the principal and went to attack him at the school. After the attack, he came home to report my behaviour to my father, who decided that I would go and learn bricklaying, because he wasn’t ready to waste his money on me again.

As God would have it, a very brilliant Corp Member that was posted to the school after I left, knew what happened and visited our home. He successfully convinced my dad contrary to his previous decision. He was God sent. My dad listened to him and he in turn asked for his permission to take me to his sister’s place at Ife.

In December 1999, something remarkable happened that brought me in contact with destiny. The Corp member invited me for his convocation at Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU), Ife. At the school, I saw what made me change my direction in life. He took me to the law faculty where I met several young people, far younger than I was, who were undergraduates. It became more embarrassing when the children of his sister that called me ‘uncle’ had passed their SSCE while I was still struggling for mine. It became a heartache for me.

When I returned home, there was a revival programme that was held at my town. There, I genuinely gave my life to Christ after my previous conversion in 1992 that lacked genuineness.

My life took a notable drift. I stayed with the husband of the corp member’s sister who was a principal. In the year 2000, I wrote the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) again, as well as the National Examination Council (NECO) which he paid for. With God’s help, I cleared all my papers, both the WAEC and NECO.

With the excitement of the victory and success, I decided to visit my family, where I was born at Amokoko, Lagos. Unfortunately, I ran into a deadly scenario.

Unknown to me, I ran into the brutal clash between Hausa and Yoruba in 2000. For the first time in my life, I was walking amidst fresh corpses. I became addled. As the living raised their hands above their heads, I joined them and carefully moved close to one of them who told me it was Hausa and Yoruba crisis.

Fear overwhelmed me. As I tried running towards a jungle, some men stopped me and asked which tribe I belonged to. I was not sure of their tribe, so I didn’t know who they are for, or against. Giving the wrong answer will mean death. What do I do? I had already started preparing my mind for death. I prayed quietly underneath and decided not to lie, though speaking the truth might mean death.

I told them I was a Yoruba man. They went further to ask me to speak Yoruba and I answered them in Yoruba. Alas! They were Yoruba men. I would have been added to the number of the dead men on the floor if they were not. They also showed me the safe path to thread to get home safe. What if I had lied? I would not be alive to share this with you. That day, I realized that, a lie is a lie even at the face of death and it is as costly as death itself.

That year, I got admitted into the Federal Polytechnic Ede to study Business administration and management. I later secured another admission to Bowen University to study Mass communication as part of the pioneering students but, eventually went to the seminary after I received and confirmed God’s call upon my life. This marked the beginning of my journey in destiny.

Let me end by saying this: not until I saw life differently, I wasn’t able to make any difference in life; not until I met Jesus, there was no difference in my life. Stay blessed! Thank you for allowing me to share on FREE TO SHARE.





free to share1


I created this category for us to interact freely. I will be relating some of my past and current experiences in form of challenges, huddles, victories and testimonies of God’s amazing deeds.

Be free to share yours as this will help every one of us to learn. Some will be privileged not to enter into the same pit someone else did by reading what you freely share. Life is a teacher, the subject life taught you yesterday might be the one I will be facing tomorrow. Be free to share!

Now, let’s start with me:

I was very young, ambitious and naive. I finished my secondary education at a very tender age. I wanted to get admitted into a higher institution of learning, but it was as if securing an admission was an insurmountable mountain. Months became years and I kept trying every year to secure an admission to a course that has nothing to do with my destiny.

Blind, I would say I was. I wanted to study law and that costed me about three good years. I kept attempting to secure admission to study law when my colleagues were already in a higher institution of learning but to no avail.

The years were too long, the days seem unending, but something dynamic happened along the line. I ran into destiny and it was remarkable. I started expressing the pains in ink. Soon, I felt a soothing relief. I wanted to write more and I just couldn’t stop. My big brother encouraged me and I kept writing.

Something important also happened to me at almost the same time, this time around, someone important came into my life. Yes, Christ found me. Soon I drew near to him and kept trusting Him. As I prayed for my admission and prepared to write another exam, I was also writing. The days were no longer long like before and soon the admission came and it wasn’t law. It was the course I needed for my gift.

When I reflect on those days now, all I do is to thank God.

Now, it’s your turn, be free to share yours!