mI am an affable young lady with the name Mayomikun Oluwaseun Fadipe. I am a well-turned and dynamic writer. I explore the diverse forms of the genres of literature to express myself. My works mainly teach the truth about life, the brain behind its creation and how to live a fulfilling life.

I’ve written and edited several articles, poems and quotes. I’ve also written some books that are not yet published. I am presently a columnist in Star Trend Magazine.

I am an adherent lover of God. I strongly believe in a worthwhile life and the wisdom of God in print (THE BIBLE), as the manual to understand and live a fulfilling life. I do not just write, but I find great satisfaction doing so. I’ll trade my meal for writing anytime, any day. I also like counseling and reading spiritual literature.

I am a trained educationist, with a degree in English Education from the renowned University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

I live for just one thing (do you want to guess?): Expand the kingdom of God on earth, through my little but powerful ink.

Contact: mikun_09@yahoo.com or appointedpen@gmail.com.