Good Morning, it’s a New Dawn!

The cloud is heavily pregnant, and it’s going to rain any moment from this moment, get ready!

I don’t know the unpalatable experiences you’re going through and have been through, this day marks its end. Your new dawn is here.

The unbeatable power of the works of Calvary is released into that circumstances right now to swallow up every darkness around it and the breaking of your new dawn is now!

Rise to your feet and claim the breaking of your dawn, I can see it breaking already, all you have to do is to claim it.

Don’t postpone accessing the dawn that has already broken. Don’t make the mistake of the people of the past who failed to prepare for the heavy rain, and couldn’t retain any of the outpour. Don’t waste it away that darkness might not swallow your dawn.

Stop staring at the past and it’s pains, it’s gone. If you keep holding on to what you should let go of, you will not be able to hold what you should hold. The breaking of your dawn is unstoppable, don’t stop it yourself.

Remember those virtues you’ve picked in the dark days. They are important to sustain the new dawn that has broken, don’t dispose them. Don’t forget He who raised you and whose hands He used to raise you. Don’t forget what you were doing that usher in your dawn, keep doing it. Don’t forget yourself, don’t forget who you are, don’t forget where He brought you from, and how He took you through. Please don’t forget, so that you will not misbehave in the days of plenty.

Don’t forget that life is in seasons. Save for the time of scarcity when there is plenty. He who learns to save in the time of plenty is safe in the time of scarcity. Save and sow, be wise!

Welcome to the beginning of another beginning. Good morning, it’s your new dawn!

The End..

Thank you for patiently taking every dose for the breaking of your dawn. Enjoy it and maximize it. I love you!

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