The Little Beginning

He who is waiting for a big start will start nothing. What you start little will ensuingly grow to become big if you water it with commitment, consistency and faith.

When you start what you lack capacity to sustain, irrespective of how big it seems at first, it will soon peter out. What you cannot sustain, you cannot be consistent in, and what you cannot be consistent in cannot usher in the breaking of your dawn.

How you start a thing matters, but what matters is not how small you start, but if what you start can stand the test of time.

You can start a business with three digits. If you can sustain it, it will increase to four, six, seven and much more, but if you start with six digits and you cannot sustain it, it will eventually drop to three and zero digits.

Several ideas that can usher in your dawn lies in you, but you might have being telling yourself, “I don’t have this, I need that and that”. It’s errorless that you need that, and you don’t have this and that, but you have something you can start with no matter how little.

Let people mock you if they want, they will be the same set who will spread the story of how you started when it becomes something. As a little drop makes an ocean and a little seed becomes a great tree, so will that little become if your start.

Don’t start from where you are not, start from where you are. You got a job of five digits every month, and you’re spending as if you’re earning six digits instead of investing and saving. Is that how to start? You’re worth five digits and you collected loan to have a wedding of seven digits instead of maximizing little. Is that how to start a home? You started a business you can’t maintain and employed workers you cannot afford to pay regularly. Is that how to start a business?

The sowing season is for the harvest season. If you don’t start by sowing the little seeds in your hands and all you do is to eat until you eat fruits and seed together, you’re only extending the breaking of your dawn.

It is not too small to sow, it is not too small to start with. You can start from there. Never underestimate the power of a little beginning!

I can’t wait to read your success story!

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