When will my Time Come?

Waiting for the breaking of the new dawn might be frustrating, but we must understand the place of time in the breaking of our dawn.

The hours of darkness does not last beyond the night. It is never in the plan of God that anyone should taste sorrow beyond a while.

But, many times we do the things that we ought to when we feel like it and eventually slow down the breaking of our dawn.

Everything in existence is subject to time except God, the creator of time. Yet He doesn’t displace the importance of time in any of His undertaking. Anytime you do not allow time to take its course, you are disrupting the order of nature. Whatever you do not subject to time, will fade away in no time.

Time is a revealer. Whatever is hidden today, time will soon reveal its identity. Whatever you want to validate its authenticity, give it time. It’s not every offer that will usher in your dawn, give it time.

Time is a teacher. There are certain processes we must go through before the breaking of our dawn that takes time. Don’t jump the process, even if it takes time. If you do, no matter how far you’ve gone, you’re still coming back to where you started from.

The breaking of the dawn is time bound. If you fail to sow when you should, don’t expect harvest when others are. If you fail to master the things you should on time, you might delay the breaking of your dawn.

It is true that we want the dawn to break as soon as now, but it is not always so if the time for it is not now. Wait for your time.

Don’t lose hope, it is a matter of time, your new dawn is about to break.

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