Who Did You Help?

Irrespective of who you are and the height you have attained, there is always someone whose help you need and someone who needs yours.

Be sincere to yourself. Whose success did you contribute to? Who did you put a smile on his face? Who was stranded that you helped out? Who was in darkness that you became their light? Whose life did you add salt to?

You might have helped people who are ingrates and nefarious, but that must not stop you from doing good. It might not be the body you clothed that will be there when you need one, but helpers never lack help.

It’s a seed that you will reap. But there are things we call help that is not a seed. How will you be taking advantage of other people’s need, and you’re calling it help? Foundations you start for your selfish pursuits and publicity might be helping lives, but it’s not a seed. You‘re already getting the accolade.

It is true you are helping people, but aren’t you turning yourself into a god? Every time that person come begging for a cup of water, you know deep within you that you can help him dig his own well. Why did you hesitate to do it?

Genuine help is driven by love and compassion, not ambition. It’s not an attempt to create the impression of being good, nor a show off.

The more you help genuinely, the more you attract helpers; the more you attract helpers, the faster the breaking of your dawn.

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