What Do I Need?

Knowledge and Exposure

Someone once said, ‘if you know better, you will do better.’ The true evidence of knowing is doing.

Knowledge will expose you to what others are not seeing, and expose the true form of what seems good.

The more you know, the more you want to go for the reality of what you know. The more you contact what you know in reality, the more you become exposed to realities and possibilities.

The world is on the move and everything is changing at every tick tock. If you do not keep a constant interaction with the outside world and technological advancements, you’ll be dazed at how far you’ll find yourself behind others.

Many things have been found that many are still searching for. Several problems has been solved, that many are still battling with. Life is filled with hidden holes, but there are many that knowledge will expose you to and show you the way out.

If you fail to learn, you will learn by failure.


Training and retraining is a major key that helps to facilitate the breaking of a man’s dawn.

There are trainings we enroll for and pay for, and others that we don’t enroll for, that life enrolls us for.

It might seems hard on us, but unknown to us, our hands are getting trained and this sets us on course to handle certain things that will catapult us to our next level.

It’s not too expensive to go for, if it will sharpen your hands. As harsh as life’s training school might be, don’t run away and don’t fail to learn from her.

An Optimistic Approach

Many people hate bumps on the road, not knowing that it is the bumps that will help them to slow down and see the road better.

You must keep your heart lighted up even if everything seems gloomy.

You cannot move slowly and expect your dawn to break when it is dawn, you will automatically slow down the breaking of your dawn. You need to be optimistic to get all the energy you need to get there.

Moving at a normal pace might be difficult when things are not falling in place as expected. It might become more difficult when your reward does not commensurate with your efforts, but you must remain optimistic in such seasons.

Choose to see what you want to see irrespective of what you are seeing in the present.

The Eyes of Faith

Open your eyes and heart to possibilities.

You must see beyond the physical to the supernatural. Its not enough that you believe it can happen, rather, see it happening.

Irrespective of what you face, how you see it determines what it will become. Don’t fail to face your challenges and fix your problems, never let anyone deceive you that it is too big. See through the eyes of faith.

Prayers can cause the dawn to break, prophecies can seal the breaking of your dawn, but only your move of faith will usher you into the new dawn.

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