Misconceptions about the New Dawn

The usual peacock-like appearance of the new dawn has made several people miss the breaking of their dawn when it does not appear as such.

A relationship, job, connection, word, and it’s similitude can mark the breaking of your dawn.

Yet, there are opportunities and doors that opens to you like the breaking of a new dawn, that is not.

What you think is a dawn, might be what will make God say, ‘I am done with you.’

Sometimes we believe there are certain locations, that the dawn cannot break in. The dawn breaks everywhere. It is not about a location, it’s about you. It’s about how you rightly position yourself in the location that is suitable for your allocation.

If you’re doing what you should do in the place that is not suitable for what you are doing, you might get a soupcon or zero result.

Yet, if you are in the right location, but you are not doing what the dawn can break in, the new dawn might only remain a dream for you.

It’s not a career, certificate or background that determines the breaking of the dawn, it’s about who is doing what.

A six digits job might buy you comfort, but not all six digits jobs mean the breaking of a new dawn. It can as well be a pit in disguise.

That it seems good and new does not mean it is the new dawn. It is not the dawn until it marks the beginning of a transition to breakthrough, accompanied with rest.

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