See It

‘It’s time to wake up, the time is 6:30,’ his alarm kept bawling like a baby who wants to get his mother’s attention. Maybe because he enjoyed the soothing hands of sleep, or he wasn’t ready to face what lies in the day he beheld, he ignored it and refused to tell his bed, ‘see you later’.

How hard it is to walk out of our comfort zone, yet we await results that our hands can not lay hold of if we stick to comfort’s homely hands.

Comfort is good, but comfort sometimes becomes a veil that blinds our eyes to somewhere better we can be.

The three words, “Happy new month,” must probably be the most used words today, but someone is forgetting that addition usually tailgate with his brother, subtraction. Have you asked yourself, ‘What have I made out of the first half of this year? It’s a new month, has anything new happened to my life after I shouted, Happy New Year?’

It’s time to get things right, get things back, get things fixed and lay hold of new things.

Your plans might have failed; you might still be battling with the unexpected that befell you last year; yours might still be a continuation of the former year instead of moving into something new.

Irrespective of which shoe you are now, your role and disposition is still the primary determinant of the way you will end this year.

It’s beyond wishing and praying for the new dawn, it takes seeing and doing.

You must see where to be and how to get there.
Until you see what you want to see and where you want to go, you will go no where different from where you are now.

Seeing is not day dreaming. Seeing is having a clear picture of where you should be that propels an overwhelming desire to get there.

Whatever you are seeing that does not become a fire in your bone to lay hold of it is nothing but day dreaming. If you’re seeing where and not seeing how, you’re only cruising in the ship of day dreaming.

Seeing is not all it takes to welcome the new dawn, but it is one thing it takes that can power all other things that it takes.

As enormous as the universe is, it all started with a big picture in God’s mind that powered a doing.

You can start just anything without seeing it, but you cannot start what will become something without seeing it.

Men who see are always on the move because what they see will keep moving them until they really see it.

That you’re earning six digits or more does not mean you’re there, keep seeing and you’ll realize there is somewhere better to be. Never sit where you are not seeing. That you stopped seeing somewhere better to be is an indication that you are not in a right place irrespective of the present presents you are getting from there.

The beginning of the breaking of a new dawn begins with seeing. Don’t wait till we bid this year goodbye, open your eyes and behold where you ought to be! If you can see it, then you can see it.

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