Chapter Twelve
Many nights and days have kissed the earth, but there was nothing to prove Mr. Ade’s suspicion. It got to a point that he could no longer stand the darkness that covered the matter, while she carries her curvy shape around town and he orchestrated her arrest again.

But after some time, he could no longer close his eyes of compassion. His friend’s daughters who had put down roots with him kept wailing for their mum’s release, though he did not uncover the truth behind her arrest to them.

He woke up musing and decided to go to the police station that she was.

“I just want to know the truth. I am really not interested in the eye for an eye thing anymore. I don’t mind dropping the case. I think I’ll be at peace with that,” said, Mr. Ade. “Is that so?” Asked the inspector queerly. “I am serious,” he answered. “The truth is, all our attempts to get answers from her proved abortive as she refused to say a thing than what you and I already know,” he explained. “I don’t think I want to go on with this case,” said Ade.

“You mean the death of your friend does not mean anything to you anymore,” he said. “You more than anyone else know that is not true, but the truth is, the worst has been done. His daughters want their mother back. No matter how much love my wife and I had showed them, all they want is their mum. Their teachers are already complaining that they are psychologically disturbed. If they find out I know about the arrest of their mother, they will treat me the same way Dominion did, and besides, I am scared of what the discovery will be. What if she is, of what use is making her pay for it and making those girls orphans. I’ve thought about everything over again. I could have stopped this, but I didn’t, now I must be sure I will not do something else that I will regret,” said Mr. Ade.

“I don’t deny that I understand what you said, but the truth is, if we gather enough evidence against her, even you will not be able to stop justice from taking its course. No murderer will be spared,” he responded. “I understand you, but I have made up my mind. Those girls will never forgive me if I allow their mother to be prosecuted,” said Ade.

“I suggest you sleep over this again,” said the inspector. “I’ve made up my mind,” he replied affirmatively.

It seems he had made up his mind when he left the inspector’s office, but it was a very tough decision for him.

As he stepped into his car, he looked as though he remembered something and checked his wrist watch. “Goodness, I didn’t realize time has been far spent like this. Gift and Grace will already be waiting for me to pick them in school,” he soliloquized and aptly drove to their school.

On his way, he found a half dead lady who was lying like a clay pigeon on the road. He quickly pulled over and called for people to help. But when no one was forthcoming, he decided to carry her, but as he did, some hoodlums came from no where. As if he was watching a movie, the lady who seem to be helpless jumped from his hands and they jeered at him.

He was still stupefied with the confusing scene when one of them brought out a gun.

His feet starting dancing without beat and he hem and haw as he pleaded with them for mercy, but he directed the gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger.

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