Chapter Eleven
Dominion was not only praying, he was blubbering. Daniel entered his apartment with a plate of rice, and was taken aback when he saw him. “When did Uncle Dominion start praying? I’ve never seen him pray before,” Daniel said as he placed the food on his table and left quietly.

Minutes were soon turning to hours but he was still praying. Daniel came again, but still found him on his knees. “Uncle Dominion is still praying. Did Jesus come to this room?” He soliloquized looking around as if he was looking for Jesus somewhere and left.

Some minutes later, he stood up and wiped his tears. He was about to enter the bathroom to take a shower, when his nose called the attention of his eyes to the plate of rice on the table and he smiled.

As he helped Daniel with his assignment, Dan was with bated breath seeing how beautiful the painting was. “Uncle Dominion, I know I will score the highest in my class. Even my Uncle that is an artist cannot paint better than this and many rich men buy his painting,” said Daniel. “Really! Why don’t you go ahead and bring the other assignments,” said Dominion. “I’ll go and bring them,” he said and ran to their apartment.

The darkness was soon covering the day, but unlike every other day he had witnessed after the demise of his father, there was something special about this day. He couldn’t really say what it was, but he felt a sweet sensation deep within.

Though he welcomed the following morning without any dime in his pocket, but the look on his face was as a man who just married a pulchritudinous maiden.

He sang God’s praise like never before as he finished up the cleaning of the house and entered the bathroom to have his bath.

But, when he was about to open the tap, his feet slipped. He struggled to pick his clothes and hobbled outside. “Dan! Dan!” He called.

When Daniel came out and saw how he was looking from afar, he ran like a bat out of hell to him. “Uncle Dominion, your leg. What happened?” He asked shivering as if he saw a ghost. “Dan, please tell your Mom to give me methylated spirit and cotton wool,” he said. “I will call my Aunty,” Dan said and ran to their apartment. “That is not what I said. Did I say anything like Aunt now or his Mom is not around, ” he soliloquized, pricked by the sharp fingers of pain.

Dan reappeared with his mum and a young lady. “What happened?” Daniel’s mum asked compassionately. “I wanted to bath when I lost footing, ” he replied. “Oh, so sorry, let me see,” said the young lady. “Dan, go and bring my black bag,” she said and they led him inside. He still wondered what was in the black bag she instructed Dan to bring, but he only watched and said nothing.

As if Dan’s mom could read his mind, she said, “Dominion, this is my sister, Isabella. She is a nurse,” “Oh, I was wondering. It is nice meeting you, though I would have loved to meet you on a better note,” replied Dominion. “It OK. This will hurt,” she said as she helped him to dress the wound.

“Jesss!” he groaned. “Sorry,” they said comfortingly. After she had finished dressing the wound for him, she gave him some pain reliever to take and said, “use that and take time to rest.” “I will. Thank you so much,” he replied. “You’re welcome. Saving lives is my satisfaction,” she answered with a smile. “I can see that. I thought you would say, it’s your job,” said Dominion when Dan’s mom interrupted their conversation.

“Sorry to interrupt you two. I want to finish what I am cooking,” she said. “That’s Ok MA. Thank you so much,” said Dominion. “You’re welcome,” she replied and left with Dan.

As if the pain had vanished, they started conversing like they had known each other for so long.

“Like seriously, the way you said it with so much passion makes it obvious that you enjoy what you do, ” said Dominion. “You can say that again. You know there is this incomprehensible satisfaction I have within, anytime I treat someone. I can’t imagine doing something else,” she said.

“You are lucky to have find what you love doing, and nobody stopped you,” said Dominion. “Who told you so? My dad wanted me to study law, but I couldn’t cope in the art class. It was when my performance became alarming that my school counsellor had to speak with him and he allowed me cross to the science class,” she explained.

“Wow! What a coincidence. But I was not as lucky as you are. There was no one to mediate for me. I had to study a course I had zero interest in because my dad wanted me to be a business tycoon like him,” he explained. “Really!” She responded. “Yes, funny enough, when I tried setting up a business after my service year, it amounted to nothing. In fact, I ended up spending the money,” he explained. “But, now you can go for your dreams. I don’t think it’s too late. By the way, what will you have rather studied?” She asked.

“Fine Art. I had always loved drawing and painting and admire one when I see it, but my dad told me artists end up as beggars and it is the business men who can afford to buy their paintings and hang them in their mansions,” he said.

“What! That is not true. I have a brother that is doing great in that field. Though he started small, and we all have to start somewhere, but he is now making it big. If that’s what you love, you better go for it fast. Nothing feels so good like being paid for doing what you love,” she said.

“You’re absolutely right. I guess I will do that,” said Dominion. “I don’t know, if you don’t mind, I can hook you up with my brother,” she said. “That will be nice. Thank you so much. I just met you few minutes ago and you’ve already done so much,” he said. “It’s nothing, it’s my pleasure. I think it’s better you rest now, I’ll see you around,” she said, while he tried to stand, but he felt a sharp pain on his legs. “No, don’t stress yourself, take care of yourself,” she said. “Thank you once again,” he said with a charming smile hanging on his cheeks as she left.

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