Chapter Ten
The deep sore in his heart spurred uncontrollable tears that gushed out of his eyes like an opened tap. As if life kicked a ball he could not kick, nor run away from to him, he was faced with several ‘fill in the gap papers’ that he couldn’t find answers to.

Dominion lodged into a hotel and kissed the bed to cop some z’s for a while. He woke up seeking for answers, “What do I do? I need money than ever before for my final project. Where do I get all that from?” He later picked up his phone and checked his account statement.

“I guess I will have to learn to scrape by on this. Dad, as if you know you’ll be leaving me soon, thanks for this. Wherever you are now, I want you to know that I miss you and I will always dote on your memories in my heart,” he soliloquized.

Some minutes later, his mentor called. “Good day sir, who told you that? Sir, did he tell you what happened, I mean everything. Ok, but I can’t stay there any longer. No, I don’t want to stay with him. I know your door is opened sir. This recent episodes has really taught me so much. I will drop by before I leave for school. Thank you sir,” he responded as the call ended.

It was like a very long scary nightmare that he desperately wanted to wake up from, but it’s becoming too long to be a nightmare.

He had heard of accounts going red, but had never tasted such until now. Though his mum credited his account, but he rebuffed it and sent it back to her account. Every single attempt of his mother and Desmond to seek his forgiveness, he kicked it back to their faces.

It was only Dr. Emmanuel that he ever gave room to come close, but when Dr. Emmanuel knew he was really not his brother’s child, he stopped checking or sending him any money as he was disgusted with the behavior of Loveth.

Soon, he ran out of cash when he was doing his final clearance and he picked up a part-time job that offered him a ridiculous money. It wasn’t as if it was that ridiculous, but it was equivalent to what used to be his monthly recharge card allowance.

Little did he know it was the beginning of his struggles.

The one year compulsory National Youth Service Corp for graduates ended so fast, and he had learnt how to live on the monthly peanut they were given, but his hope to get a job immediately after the service year was dashed.

Nothing seemed to be working for him, as money refused to alight at his doorstep. Having cut all contacts with his family, he was so iron-jawed that he didn’t seek for their help.

With the help of his mentor and his friend, Rolland, he got an apartment, but he couldn’t keep depending on them.

He woke up one morning to realize there was nothing to feed his stomach with. “I can’t keep going on like this. God, are you not somewhere? Please I need you now. This is too much for me,” he said with a flood of speechless tears.

He became so hungry and started checking the house desperately as if, food hid itself somewhere, when he found a painting that he made when he was very young and smiled.

Like his mom, he had always been attracted to art works and was the overall best student in fine art when he was in primary school, but his dad insisted that he studied Business Administration.

He was so carried away as the painting reminded him of the past that he didn’t realize when his neighbor’s little boy entered his apartment.

“Uncle Dominion,” he called. “Dan boy, I didn’t know when you entered,” said Dominion “What are you looking at?” Asked Daniel as he dropped the cookies in his hands and looked at the painting admirably.

“Dan, why didn’t you go to school?” Dominion asked. “Don’t you know that we are on mid-term break,” he replied. “Oh! It slipped from my memory,” replied Dominion. “Uncle, take cookies” he said. “You know cookies is for boys,” said Dominion with a smile. “Un-c-le, you said so,” he replied, still staring at the painting. “Uncle Dominion, who painted this?” Asked Daniel. “I did, when I was very little like you,” Dominion replied.

“Wow! So you know how to paint. Uncle please, I have a painting project that my teacher gave us, but I don’t like painting, I even want to give my Uncle who paints very well, but he doesn’t have time,” said Daniel.

“Ok, I will help you later in the day,” said Dominion. “Is it after you have taken breakfast?” He asked, but Dominion was reluctant to answer. “Uncle, answer me. I want to do it fast because I have other assignments too. Will you help me?” asked Daniel. “Yes I will,” Dominion answered.

“Uncle Dominion, I will tell my mother to add your food to what she is cooking so that we can eat together and do the work fast. Or, are you cooking something already?” He asked, but didn’t wait for his response when he ran into his kitchen and came back.

“You’re not cooking anything, I will tell her now,” he said as Dominion tried to stop him, but before he could complete a sentence, he had entered their apartment.

“Do we call this an answered prayer or what? Daniel is so funny. God, just in case you can hear me, then you should know I really need help. I didn’t think I will ever need you. I had always had all I wanted, but now, I need you desperately now,” he soliloquized.

As if it suddenly occurred to him that there is a God somewhere, he knelt, praying in tears as the reminiscences of his ordeals had a firm grip on him.

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