Chapter Nine
“What! What are trying to say?” Asked Dominion who was dumbfounded with what seem like a movie that Mr. Ade narrated to him. “Son, I don’t think your mother is unspotted in this matter. You have to allow me crack this nut,” said Mr. Ade. “There is a part you are not clarifying sir. Is he my father?” Asked Dominion tensely. “I am not saying….” Mr. Ade replied, battling with words when Dominion cuts in. “Please, I need you to tell me the truth. I deserve to know the truth,” said Dominion. “I am sorry, he is not,” Mr. Ade replied faintly. “What! Are you saying that animal is my father? I will never accept him as my father,” said Dominion affirmatively.

Mr. Ade moved closer to him and tapped him warmly, “Son, you have to simmer down,” he said.

“Now I understand, but please, no matter how villainous she is, she is still my mother. Please, just get her out of there, but I will not stop you from investigating the matter,” said Dominion. “Alright son, if you insist, I will get her out of there,” he said as he cuddled Dominion who was soaked in tears.

Mr. Ade did not only fulfil his promise to Dominion, he fulfilled it on the same day and she was granted bail.

As if he buried the matter, it died down, but he only made it seem so, investigation was still going on unobtrusively.

On Loveth’s return, she became uneasy as the move of Mr. Ade has validated that he actually knows something, but she couldn’t really tell the extent to which he knows. But, she acted as if she had no skeleton in her cupboard.

“I just don’t know what exactly came over your dad’s friend. It is understandable that he was shocked with the sudden demise of his friend, but how could he think I killed him. It’s really so ridiculous son,” she said teary-eyed. Dominion was so disgusted with her sight, but he held his peace.

“Son, are you not going to say anything?” She asked. “Is there something you want me to say?” He asked. “Son, I understand you have not gotten over your father’s death…” she said when he cuts in. “My father,” he said, giving a funny expression. She suddenly lost her composure with his response, “Jesus! Does he know already? But how?” She thought.

“Why the sudden silence? Are you not going to talk? At least I am old enough to know who my real father is.”

At that point, it was written all over Loveth that she wished the earth would open its mouth and hide her, but her wish didn’t come true. “Oh! You think I don’t know,” he continued giving a dangerous smile. “ When will you introduce me to my real father?” He asked.

When she heard that, she took a breather and then responded, “I thought you will reject him.” “Why will I when his blood flows in my vein. Please mom, I want to know my father,” he pleaded, though his interest was to get to the root of the matter.

Just about then, a guest entered the house. “Good day,” he greeted. Dominion was stunned to see who it was, as his mother who was abashed pointed to him and said, “he is the one. I am sorry, I didn’t want to betray George and I didn’t know how to face him, so I made him believe the pregnancy was his,” she explained, but Desmond couldn’t really understand what she was saying.

“I guess I came at the wrong time,” said Desmond. As he was about to leave, Loveth said, “He is your son. The day you raped me, I conceived.”

“What are you saying? Oh! So he already knows. But let’s put the records straight, I didn’t rape you. You also enjoyed it. Don’t give your son that angelic look you deceived your husband with over the years. I am not gullible like him,” he said.

“How dare you say such a thing. We were desperate for a job, and you took advantage of us,” she said as he cuts in. “That is not true, you enjoyed it and you came for more,” he said bluntly. “What! That is not true, I had no choice,” she said sobbing, when Dominion who had been watching their drama laughed hysterically and said, “I don’t know how a man will rape a woman over and over again and even take her to UK to rape her.”

“Look boy, I was wrong, but she wasn’t right either. I took advantage of their situation, but she didn’t stop me either. The first time was well planned and she fell into my trap, but I thought she was going to hit me bad. I was even scared of what my friend was capable of when he finds out, but when she returned as if nothing happened the following day, I knew she didn’t say a word, though I had threatened her. But I didn’t think she was that gullible. Is it my fault that I wanted more? Besides, I rewarded you for it. You and I know that, whatever your husband became was all because of me. But, you never told me you were pregnant for me. No wonder I was always drawn to you,” he said as he moved towards Dominion and wanted to touch him.

“Don’t even lay that your stinky hands on me,” he said sharply. “Even if they were gullible according to you, shouldn’t you have just let him live. You already have his woman, yet, that was not enough for you,” said Dominion.

“Look, I might be wrong, but I have nothing to do with his death. I cannot even kill a cockroach, not to talk of a human being,” said Desmond when Dominion cuts in, “I can see that. Can you imagine a man who kept sleeping with a man’s wife claming to be incapable of killing him. Do I look gullible to you? And you,” he continued as he turned to his mom. “You are not worthy to be my mother. I hate you more than I have ever loved you. I assure you, life will make you pay for this,” he said and walked away, but they went after him pleading.

“Son, I swear, if she had told me, I would have raised you as my own. I will give you everything. All the comfort of life that you can ever think of. I never knew I had a child when I had been crying to God for a child all these years,” he said almost weeping.

“I will never accept you as my father. My father died some months ago and I will always honour and cherish the memories of his love and care, not a man without a conscience like you. Go and die with your money,” he said, pushed him off his path and left.

As he was leaving, Mr. Ade drove into the compound, but Dominion didn’t wait for him to drop from the car and left, though he called him.

Mr. Ade quickly entered the car and blocked him on the way. “I don’t want to have anything to do with you or anyone of you bunch of betrayers,” said Dominion angrily, but Mr. Ade was shocked.

“Why did you say that to me?” He asked curiously. “Oh! So you think your friend will be dead now if you didn’t keep quiet about it,” said Dominion. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t want to hurt my friend. I even had to consult a counsellor in UK, and that was why I purposely came to Nigeria when I realized his life might be in danger. I never knew I’ll come home to meet his corpse,” he explained.

“It doesn’t matter, I have made up my mind. I am leaving,” said Dominion. “To where? You can come to stay with me. I am still in the country and I am thinking of you joining us in UK. I’ve already spoken to my wife.

“Is that an attempt to clear your conscience? Look, if there is anyone you are thinking of taking with you, it should be the true seeds of your son, my sisters, not me,” he said. “As far as I am concerned, you are the first seed of my friend, and he never loved you less…” he said when Dominion cuts in.

“If you are thinking of how to get raid of the millstone on your head, you better get to the root of his death, and make the murderers pay for it,” Dominion said and left.

No matter how much he pleaded with him, he refused to be stopped.

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