Chapter Eight

It has been three months since Loveth started the job. When she was returning from work, she dropped at George’s place with a rather questionable look, but George had not returned from work. He had picked up a teaching job in a secondary school, though they were paying him peanut.

She was dog-tired that she landed on his bed and slept lickety-split. It was George who woke her up when he returned from work.

“When did you return,” she asked fighting with the hand of sleep that still had a strong grip on her. “A little while ago. I didn’t want to wake you, but your Mom called you. I told her you are here, but what got me curious was she asked if you have told me something,” he said.

She sat up and seemed rather reluctant to talk. “What is it?” He asked. “Honey, ehmm, you know I love you,” she said. “Of course I know,” he answered affirmatively. “I am really sorry. I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now, but…”she said but paused as if she was not sure of saying the next word.

“You’re getting me flustered, please talk,” he said. She took a deep breath and said, “Ok, I am…” and took a breather again, but eventually summoned courage, “I am pregnant,” she said.

He was quiet for a while but thereafter said, “Is that why you are looking worried?” He asked. “Y-e-sss,” she replied faintly. “I know you are still trying to put things together and I really want you to marry me because you want to, not for any pregnancy,” she said.

“Though I am not earning much, but at least we will take a step at a time. I guess you have told your Mom, but does your Dad know about this?” He asked. “Not yet, she said I should let you know first,” she replied. “We are no longer kids, I guess it’s time we get married,” he concluded.

It wasn’t long that they had their traditional wedding. They welcomed their first gift, Dominion, about seven months after and were showered with many gifts, especially from Mr. Desmond who had been very munificent to them.

Some years later, tables turned for the couple, and George started his own business that eventually enrolled him in the league of top-drawer business men in Lagos.

At a point, he asked his wife to resign and join him in his business, but she hesitated and told him to wait till Mr. Desmond can get a stand-in.

At that time, she was already his personal assistant and they travelled several times together. On an occasion, they had travelled to UK where they ran into Ade, George’s friend.

At the outset, he saw them in a restaurant, but was stupefied with the way they conversed.

This aroused his curiosity and he kept a close track of them until he sighted the hotel they lodged in.

He was taken aback when he discovered that they had lodged in the same room. He decided to unravel the puzzles and lodged in the same hotel, but unknown to him, they were also on their way out when they ran into each other.

“Just drop my hands slowly,” Loveth quietly told Desmond as she sighted him. “Is it Ade I am seeing?” Desmond asked. “Do you know him too?” Asked Loveth. “Yes, we went to the same school together with your husband,” he replied. “Oh! That’s true,”

Like an actor, Ade perfectly acted the role of a pretender and he spuriously said, “Wow! Tell me I am not dreaming! So you are in this country and you didn’t even care to check on me.” “I am so sorry, I didn’t know your apartment will be anywhere close to this place,” replied Loveth. “But I do not even know you’re now in UK,” said Desmond as they embraced each other.

“I learnt my friend is controlling millions now. By the way, Desmond, thank you, George told me all the favours you did for him,” said Ade. “It’s nothing,” he said. “Why don’t we get some drinks and sit to talk,” said Desmond as they left.

Mr. Ade lost his placidity and decided to hire a private investigator in Nigeria to get to the underpin of the matter.

As nothing can stay hidden under the sun forever, the receptionist who also had to do the same thing to secure the job revealed to the investigator that the hotel he invited her over to on the pretense of having a meeting was the same one he invited Loveth to a week after she got the job. Mr. Desmond eventually terminated her appointment when she got married and refused to keep up with the game.

While Mr. Ade was battling with the truth that stared at him, it occurred to him that George had raised an issue with him that he discarded few weeks to their wedding.

“Now that I think about it, George had actually told me he cannot figure out how she got pregnant knowing well that they don’t have unprotected sex. But.. could it be, no, it is not possible.” Ade soliloquized, but he refused to leave any stone unturned.

He had to travel down to Nigeria and made his friend do a test with his kids that he gave them the impression was a check up.

The result got him perplexed that he didn’t know what to do. Without saying ciao to his friend, he picked the next available flight back to UK and never returned until he decided to return to fix the mess, only to return back to meet George’s ghost.

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