Chapter Seven
The breaking of the new dawn was accompanied with a promising aura that reflected on Loveth’s countenance as she left the house.

DE Electronics was indeed a homely place to work in. Apart from its gigantic structure painted with blue and white, the interior was beautifully decorated with paintings and flowers that a lover of beauty will not be able to resist.

Loveth, who is a lover of paintings could not brush off the sight she was seeing as she stepped into the premises. She couldn’t help but soliloquize, “I love this place already. God, please give me this job.”

It wasn’t long that someone came out to call her for the interview which was on the spot. While she was about to take her leave, Desmond entered. He wasn’t sure of her identity, but he knew she was expected to come and asked his receptionist to confirm his doubt.

“Oh, I am sorry sir, I didn’t know you are the one,” she said as he introduced himself to her. “I didn’t know either, I just asked. How is my friend?” He asked. “He is doing great. He sent his regards,” Loveth responded. “I believe you were treated well,” he said. “Yes sir,” she replied. “Is tomorrow not too early for you to start?” He asked.

She was slap-happy. As if she didn’t hear what he said or wanted to be sure she heard him accurately, she asked, “You mean tomorrow sir?” “Yes, if it’s comfortable for you,” replied Desmond. “In fact, if you ask me to start immediately, it is more than comfortable for me,” she said and he smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow then,” said Desmond. “Thank you so much sir. Thank you,” she replied gaily.

It was as if she was dreaming and hoped she would not wake up from that sleep. She exhilaratingly picked a taxi and went to George’s house, who was also thirstily awaiting her return.

The moment she sighted him, like a dog who elatedly ran to meet its keeper, she ran into his hands and said, “Guess.”

It was not too far fetched. He knew one of his long time prayers has just been answered. “Tell me he gave you the job,” he said. “Yes, and in fact I guess the interview was just for formality. He didn’t even ask for my performance before he told me to resume tomorrow,” she said elatedly.

“Wow!” He said as he carried her. While they were jubilating, George’s friend, who had also been seeking for an employment with his friend came around with a news that took the three of them to an eatery to celebrate. He had also just secured a job.

George and Ade have come a long way as he was the brain behind the reason George left his brother’s roof. To them, they are more than friends, they are brothers.

The death of his friend was indeed a terrible blow to him. The company he worked with had sponsored him abroad to study further and fortuitously for him, he was made the manager of the company’s new branch in UK. More than anyone else, he knew when the love story of his friend and Loveth started.

Dominion had gone to meet his dad’s lawyer to get her Mom bailed when the lawyer disclosed to him that it was his dad’s friend, Mr. Ade who accused her of the murder of his friend.

He was bewildered and didn’t wait to hear the lawyer further when he left and went straight to Mr. Ade’s house.

Dominion got to his house just about when he was about stepping out of the house. He was so enraged that he didn’t even bother to exchange pleasantries with him and said sharply, “Sir, go and get my Mom out of there immediately. I thought your return with bring succor to us, I didn’t know it will worsen our situation. How on earth will you think my Mom killed my dad?”

“Son, you have to calm down. The man we are talking about here was my friend. We were brothers,” he said when Dominion cuts in. “Did you just call me son? Did you just say my dad was your friend? Sir, I don’t think so. Is this how to help a son heal from a wound as this or treat your dead friend’s family?” “I understand…” Mr. Ade said as he tries to touch him, but he stopped him. “Please sir, all I need from you is to go and get my Mom out of where you sent her,” he said firmly.

“I know how you feel, but this is the only way we can get to the root of the matter. There are some things you don’t understand. I know she is your mother, but there are some things you do not know,” said Mr. Ade.

Dominion was quiet for a while, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in whatever it is he wants to say. “I don’t want to know what you know, all I want is for you to get my Mom out of there,” he said sharply. “I can’t,” Mr. Ade replied. He was shocked to hear his response and became furious. “Look sir, I really respect you, but if you push me to the wall, you really don’t want to know what I am capable of. Get my Mom out of there!” He said aggressively.

Mr. Ade seem to be moved by his reaction and was quiet for a while until he finally broke the silence. “OK, I will, only if…” he said when he cuts in. “Only if what?” He asked sharply.

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