Chapter Six
There was no doubt that George was unvarying about his decision to leave his brother’s house, but his attempt to get a job has been like spinning one’s wheels “Baby, I believe we will smile soon. Please dear, you know I don’t like seeing you like this,” said Loveth comfortingly.

She had consented to his proposal and disposed his brother’s proposal, though her friend had advised that a financially settled man is better than ‘a wanna be’, but who knows what the cat saw when he refused to leave the kitchen irrespective of the looming dangers.

Loveth has indeed been supportive and understanding. This made it easy for George to keep moving irrespective of how frustrating it was.

The weather was draughty and he decided to take a walk down the street. On his way, he saw a notice of a vacancy that aligns with Loveth’s qualification. At first, he just ignored it and took it for just another scam as he had fallen victim of several scams in his attempts to get a job. But when he saw someone noting down the details, he felt it’s worth trying.

The address was not too far from his abode and he decided to check it out. While he was conversing with the receptionist, he saw a regally dressed man who seem familiar to him. He took another gaze, only to discover that it was his course mate when they were in school that he was seeing.

“Desmond!” He called when the receptionist wondered if he knew him.

Desmond looked back and like the lost child that was found by his father, they embraced each other exhilaratingly.

“Wow! You aren’t looking bad at all,” said George looking rather overwhelmed. “Oh, it’s God. Don’t tell me you’ve been in this town and we didn’t run into each other at all,” said Desmond. “I have. Didn’t you hear of what befell us?” Asked George. “No. What happened?” Desmond asked curiously.

“So you are not aware that I lost my parents and worst off we lost everything, I mean everything,” said George. “Are you serious? What happened? I left the country after we finished our one year compulsory youth service. I returned few months ago and that was when I bought this place. I am not aware of anything of such. I am so sorry,” said Paul sympathetically. “You mean you own this place,” George said amazingly. “Yes. What exactly happened?” Desmond asked.

It seems the two friends were after two different information. With the look on George’s face and the way he looked at the building, it seems he was curious to confirm what he just stated. “You mean all these?” He asked. “I think it is better we go into my office to talk,” Desmond said as he led the way.

George got back home like one who has won a jackpot and called Loveth as he entered the compound.

Loveth, who was just returning from an interview and had landed on the bed like one who had not seen a bed for ages, heard his voice, but she remained on her bed.

George did not just rush into the room elatedly, he hugged her and started kissing her all over. She was still wondering the reason for his excitement when he said, “Baby, just put your CV together, you’ve gotten a job already,” he said affirmatively and she looked at him wonderstruck.

“I’ve gotten a job, or you have gotten a job? Or are you asking me if I got the job I went for the interview?” She asked. “Nope. Guess what?” He asked. “See, the only thing I want to guess right now is that you have gotten a job,” she said. “And it doesn’t matter if you are the one that got it?” He said. “If it doesn’t, will I be walking around the street of Lagos under this simmering sun for a job,” she said. “OK. Will you allow me to talk now?” he said. “But I didn’t stop you from talking. You are the one who started a guess game that I am not interested in,” she said.

“Actually, I saw a job vacancy and decided to check it out. Guess what happened when I got there,” he said and paused staring at her face, but she doesn’t seem interested. “Love, I am not interested in this your guess game. If you want to talk, go ahead, but if you are waiting for me to guess anything, you are ‘waiting for Godot’ and you know Godot will never come,” she said and turned to the other side of the bed. “Alright. Well, I was dazed when I discovered that it was my friend who owns the company. And you won’t believe it, the moment I told him, he said I should just tell you to come, it was a done deal and from what I learnt, they are not offering bread’s crumbs.” He said excitedly. “Really, but why didn’t he decide to help you?” She asked.

It was as if it was at that moment that he just gave it a thought. “Well, maybe because I didn’t ask for that. I only told him why I came there and he said you should come. Asking him for another favour will sound somehow,” he said. “That’s true anyway. Alright then, I guess we will have to wait till tomorrow then. I am seriously tired,” she said. “Sorry dear,” he replied. “And I am hungry too, do you have any cash on you for us to get something to eat?” She asked. “Yes. I guess you’ll manage this 500naira,” he said and gave it to her.

But, just about when she stood up to get what they will eat, her phone rang. She looked at George in a questionable manner, but it seems it was a lover’s paralinguistic form of communication as it was easy for him to decode. “Don’t tell me it’s your mom that is calling,” he said. “Yes,” she answered reluctantly. “Does that mean you aren’t sleeping here tonight,” he said. “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you,” she said. “Alright, at least I have two pillows on this bed. Baby, I really can’t wait to get out of this financial mess so I can marry you,” he said. “And you will be out of it soon. Don’t worry,” she said affirmatively. “Please, make sure you get there on time tomorrow,” he pleaded. “Of course I will,” she replied.

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