Chapter Five
It has been two months since the unexpected demise of George Williams and the whole drama had been put to rest until his childhood friend, Mr Ade, who had relocated to UK about four years ago returned to Nigeria.

Having tried to reach his friend to no avail, he aptly went to his house only to be welcomed with a hit like ton of bricks.

It was his gateman that first started what seemed like a drama. As he knocked on their gate and asked for his friend, he started crying and wouldn’t give any response until Mr. Ade got annoyed.

“Why all this drama? Does it look like I am enjoying your drama?” He said angrily as he pushed him aside and entered the house, only to find out that it wasn’t a drama after all.

“What! The person I spoke with….” he replied and stopped briefly as if he was thinking of the last time he spoke with him, “Wait, but he can’t be dead. No. How?” He took a breather again and gave his wife a long insinuating stare. “Loveth, what happened to my friend?” He asked sharply.

She couldn’t figure out what to say and others with her were amazed to hear that question. With the look on their faces, one could tell that it wasn’t what he asked that was the issue, but how he asked.

Like a man who had been unconscious and abruptly gained his balance, he sat down for a while and tears were gushing out of his eyes like the flow of the woman with the issue of blood. “Sir, you have to cool down. You are a man and you should be strong for your friend’s wife and children,” said Loveth’s brother, but he gave no response.

Mr. Ade walked to Dominion and his sisters, tapped them soothingly, but gave Loveth a questionable look again and left.

No one could really understand what was wrong or what could propel the questionable way he looked at her.

Dominion, who has had enough of the unending drama, sat quietly and all he could do was to watch them all and uttered little or no word.

It was about an hour later that the women with Loveth pleaded with her to eat, that just like every other person who came to console the family, two men came in asking for her.

They felt they came to pay a condolence visit, only to be dazed when they introduced themselves as police officers. “Are they investigating his death?” One of the visitors asked her friend beside her, but everyone became dumbfounded when one of them said, “Mrs Loveth Williams, you are under arrest for the murder of Chief George Williams.”

“What? Please what is going on here,” was the question that was painted on everyone’s face. “Officer, please, enough of this drama. Who sent you here?” Asked Loveth’s brother. But instead of answering, they led her away, though they tried to stop them.

“What on earth is going on here? First, it was my Mom who accused my Uncle of being responsible for my Dad’s death, now it’s my Mom that is being arrested,” Dominion said, utterly befuddled as every other person who was present.

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