Chapter Four
Like confused spectators, they just couldn’t comprehend what their eyes and ears were fed with. Emmanuel stood dumbfounded for minutes without any idea of what to say or do as people tried to get her hands off him, but she refused to simmer down.

It was at that moment people began to doubt if she had not lost her sanity because of the loss. “Don’t you think we should take her to the hospital,” suggested her friend, Hope. As if her words provoked her, she ran towards Dr. Emmanuel again, but people tried to manacle her while others advised that Dr. Emmanuel takes his leave, but she wouldn’t stop shouting, “murderer! I’ll make you pay for this, I swear you will,” she threatened.

They could no longer allow her continue like that as it was as if she was losing her mind. Irrespective of how her son and the people around tried, she just kept shouting, “I am not insane ooo, he killed him. I know he did.”

Few minutes later, the doctor Hope called came in, but she refused to answer any of the questions he asked him, than to asseverate that nothing is wrong with her.

Dr. Emmanuel just kept pacing around in his apartment bombarding his friend who had accompanied him to her house with questions he possibly cannot find answers to. “How on earth would she think I killed my brother? Why would I? My own brother? Is she insane?” “You have to calm down. I am bowled over as you are, but…” he said but seem reluctant to continue when Emmanuel asked him sharply, “But what?”

“Maybe because of the past,” he said when Emmanuel interrupted him. “Which past? Which stupid past will make me kill my own brother?” He replied aggressively. “Just forget it. She must be overwhelmed with the pain. Maybe that propelled her thoughtless statement. Calm down my friend,” he said as he tapped his shoulder soothingly.

Maybe he was right. But how could the past lead to such a wicked move? It wasn’t long after the unusual way George met Loveth that they crossed each other’s path again. Those days were the days the Williams family wished life never begat.

Exactly three days after Chief Williams’ birthday, he went for R and R to Canada with his wife, only for them to return no more. They all wished it was a nightmare that they were on the plane that crashed, but the dreadful beast had already done his worst.

George had already passed her when he checked his mirror to realize it was a familiar face. He reversed and stopped beside her.

“Hello, I wanted to be sure it was you,” said George. “Oh, hi, how are you?” She asked. “Well, I guess I am fine. Do you mind if I give you a ride?” He asked. “That is if you are going towards Lekki Phase Two,” she said. “My dad’s company is there and I am actually going there now,” he replied. “Oh, I learnt you lost your parents. I am sorry,” she said as he opened the car for her to come in. “Oh, thank you,” he replied. “And how is Dr. Emmanuel?” She asked. “I thought you guys know each other and must have seen him,” he said. “Yes, but not that much. The last time I spoke to him was when I found out what happened and called to send my condolence,” she explained.

“OK. He is good. Do you work in Lekki?” He asked. “Well, I am still trying to get a job,” she said. “Do you mind dropping your CV with me?” Asked George. “Of course not, I will be grateful,” she replied.

Being the first child of Chief Williams, he was the sole heir to his father’s possessions, but little does he know that table will take an unexpected turn.

It was the same day he had invited Loveth over for an interview at his father’s company that two bank officials came to inform him that his father had collected a huge sum of money as loan that he had not been able to settle before his death.

It landed on him like coconut that dropped on a man unexpectedly. He was still trying to put his head together when his secretary informed him that Loveth was around.

That day was the beginning of a new phase in his life. Everything flip flop, but there was just one thing that brought life into his life, Loveth.

He had confided in her about the new development and while everything pulverized, she became a shoulder he found comfort in.

Bit by bit, they lost their properties. It became alarming when none of his father’s friend were willing to help, rather, one of them advised them to sell the company.

George felt it was a sincere advice at first, only to discover that he was among the people who bided for the company and offered the highest amount.

No matter how Emmanuel insisted that they should sell it to him, George refused to agree to such until what Emmanuel called stubbornness made them lose the company to the bank.

For a long time, George had to depend on his brother who was working in a hospital, until he got fed-up and decided to leave.

“Where are you going? I am your brother for crying out loud,” said Emmanuel. “My younger brother,” he said. “Seriously, when will you drop this coat of pride? Look, you will get a job soon. At least I have one we can both live on. So, relax. We will figure out a way together,” said Emmanuel comfortingly. “And that way is what I want to figure out now,” replied George.

No matter what his brother said, his mind was made up, and without any plan, he left fishing for a means of livelihood.

By that time, his love story had started with Loveth, and Emmanuel knew all along. But when he couldn’t comprehend why she chose her brother over him, he let it go and didn’t disclose it to his brother that he had asked her out, neither did Loveth.

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