Chapter Three
She had picked a black dress that amplified her alluring light complexion about a year before the demise of her husband. But, who would have thought that she would end up using it to mourn him.

Her sparkling skin and radiant look attracted several men that it became a puzzle for her to choose from her scads of suitors.

Loveth woke up with a strange headache, and started feeling feverish. She took pain reliever, but the night seemed like it wouldn’t end.

When she could no longer hold back the pain through the night, she went to her friend’s room and woke her up.

By the time she got to the hospital, she was already lying like a lifeless chicken. The doctor attended to her anon and after a while, she slept off like a baby that was rocked to bed.

If it was like every other day when she sport her beauty, one would understand the reason he stood by her bed side and smiled. But she was looking so pale and lifeless, yet no one could tell what made him fix his gaze on her admiringly.

As she opened her eyes to welcome the new day, Dr. Emmanuel Williams’ face was what she saw. It was like she was watching a movie and wondered why the doctor kept smiling to her.

Though she was discharged the following day, Dr. Emmanuel couldn’t take his mind off Loveth until he located her house.

Irrespective of his persistence and the gifts he showered on her, she still turned him down over and over again.

Unknown to Loveth, her friend insisted they should attend her boss’ birthday together, only to get there to realize that it was the father of Dr. Emmanuel, Chief Williams who was celebrating his birthday.

At first, she was dazed to find him at the party. But being an intelligent lady, it was not difficult for her to decode. She turned to her friend and said, “so you knew he is his dad and he told you to invite me. Smart move,” and she took her leave, but Emmanuel went after her.

“I am sorry, it’s just that you wouldn’t come if you know the truth. Since you refused to grant me audience, I decided to take advantage of my dad’s birthday,” explained Emmanuel. “I just said it is a smart move,” she responded and walked away.

Unknown to her, Emmanuel’s elder brother, the first son of Chief Williams was coming towards her direction. She ran into him and the wine in his hands splashed on her. “I am so sorry,” he apologized. “Sorry please, let me get you…,” said Emmanuel, but she refused and they all pleaded with her.

“It’s OK, but I have to go. I can’t sit in a party like this,” she said. “I will not be happy if you leave. I am George,” he said. “Loveth,” she replied.

“Please we can wash and dry it with a washer dryer. I’ll just tell my cousin to get you what to change into and you’ll have your beautiful gown back in a jiffy. I must say you look absolutely angelic in it,” he said when Emmanuel interrupted. “Or better still, I’ll take you home and you’ll change into something else,”

“And where is your cousin?” She asked, ignoring the words of Emmanuel. “Come with me please,” George said as he leads the way.

Those memories lingered in her mind as tears climbed down her cheeks and her family and friends who were with her mollified her.

Just about that time, Dr. Emmanuel, came in. Like a mad woman who bounced on a man that had offended her, “You killed him! You killed him!” She exclaimed as she jumped at him and held his clothes blubbering.

It was as though everyone was watching a movie. They were stunned. “How can she accuse her husband’s brother of being responsible for his own brother’s death,” was the question that was hanging in the eyes of the onlookers.

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