Chapter Two

As if the night was striving with the day to reign beyond its hours, he wondered why the arrival of the new dawn had not been announced. He became edgy as sleep refused to lay its soothing hands on him until the eleventh hour. By the time his alarm rang, he was enjoying his voyage to the dream world when Rolland entered his room to discover that he was still glued to his bed.

There were several questions in his eyes as he left the hostel and boarded a car to Lagos. The charming smile that usually hang on his cheek was soon fading away as he became exasperated with the journey. The sound of the half dead car and the portly man beside him who seem to have mistaken the car for his room complicated his shoe, as he struggled to sit cozily. “God, this nightmare has to end. I hope this is really worth it,” he thought.

By the time the car got to Lagos, the traffic congestion forced the driver to move at a snail-like pace until he finally got to the car park.

As he alighted languidly, he saw the White Toyota Camry of his mentor, Dr. Smith and breathe a sigh of relief. “Good day sir, I didn’t know you will come to pick me sir,” he said as he greeted him and he opened his arms and embraced him.

“How is mummy sir?” He asked. “She is doing great,” Dr. James replied. “I have not been able to reach my family since yesterday sir. Maybe I should go home first and see you in the evening,” he said. “I spoke to your mum a while ago. They are fine. Maybe it’s the network. I won’t take much of your time dear,” Dr. Smith replied. “If you insist sir, that’s ok.”

They had only entered the living room when they were welcomed by the sumptuous aroma coming from the kitchen, as Mrs. Smith welcomed and served him with an Africa delicacy, pounded yam and ‘eguzi’soup.

Some minutes later, Dr. Smith invited him over to his office. “Dominion, you know there is a time for everything under heaven, and sometimes we are faced with the things we least expect. But, God is always faithful and his love is unchanging. We tried all we could, but God called your father home on Sunday,” he said dolefully.

Dominion who has been quietly wondering what necessitated the initial words of his mentor looked confused. “Sir, I don’t really get you,” he said as Dr. Smith drew closer to him and tapped him comfortingly. Like he was suddenly gripped by fear, he stammered as he asked, “s-i-r, w-h-o….”

Dolor encapsulated the room as sounds that has not find its expression in the dictionary followed the tears that climbed down his cheeks.

Sometimes the noise within is so loud that one can barely hear the utterances around. Though his mentor uttered comforting words, it was like talking to a deaf man.

Dominion Williams is the first child of the well known business tycoon, Chief George Williams. He was as strong as an ox a day before the day he kissed the dust and no one knew he had booked an appointment with death.

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