Chapter One

The tranquility was like a cemetery, except the hoarse voice of the man lecturing the hearts that thirst for knowledge and the hands that longed to lay hold of a certificate.

Dr. James, who looked so calm and cute in the royal blue shirt he wore, had been lecturing in Gateway University for over two years, and no one goes through him without a tale to tell.

As he was about going to write on the board, he sighted one of his students who was passing a note to the guy beside her. Some part of the class laughed, while others who saw it as a distraction muttered words of complaints.

“Pass the note to me or walk out of this class and my course for good,” he ordered. She shivered and looked towards the direction of the guy who passed it to him, but like Peter, he acted as if he was not the one who passed the paper. For a moment, she was muddled, but her friend signaled to her to give him.

As she handed over the note to him, she felt as if she was gasping for breath, but to her bafflement, he dropped it on his IPhone without opening it or uttering a word.

What seems like a drama was just folding up when the second rule of Dr. James was broken. In a flash, the young man got to his feet, “sir, I wasn’t aware that I had not silenced the phone, I am sincerely sorry sir,” he said politely. But, as if it was a radio presenter that was talking, Dr. James gave no response, but continued with the lecture.

The class ended before the stipulated time immediately after Dr. James received a call. The radiant young man, Dominion Williams who seems to be eager to know the person who had called him earlier called the line back. “Hello, I missed this call. May I know who I am speaking with? Oh! Good day sir, I am fine sir. This is not your line sir. Ok sir. When sir? But mummy did not tell me. I’ll call her sir. That will be weekend, I have lectures tomorrow. But is it that serious? Can we discuss it on phone? Ok, I’ll find time then. Thank you sir,” he replied and ended the call.

The questionable expression on his face when he dropped the call got his friend inquisitive. “What is wrong? Who called?” He asked. “My Mentor. He said there is something important he wants to see me for, and he needs me to come home,” he replied. “Come home? If it’s a discussion, can’t you do that on phone?” Asked Rolland. “That was what I also asked, and besides he sounded cool like cucumber to me, but he insisted I should come to see him,” he said. “Then it must be a front-page issue. It’s best you find time to see him,” Rolland said suggestively. “Yes, but my concern is, he said it is urgent and I don’t want to miss tomorrow’s lecture,” Dominion responded. “But it’s better you miss tomorrow’s lectures than Prof. Henry’s lectures on Thursday,” said Rolland. “You are definitely right, I think it’s better I go tomorrow, so that I can return on Wednesday,” said Dominion as they returned back to their hostel.

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