For Everything

How many times we wonder

And sometimes sit to ponder
Why a lady does a lot
Yet with the man still fought
As if she has no worth

We sometimes seem to forget
Or this fact neglect
Only few will see something
Good in everything
You will ever do
But others, careless what you do
No matter how you try
Yourself you’ll only fry
Those you’ll never satisfy

And in this lies an important lesson
For one of the reason
To stay in love with a person
Is to love him for everything
And not for something
For if he stops doing that thing
That to you is the ‘something’
That propels your love
Then that ends the tale of your love

And how can you validate your love
For God who showered you with love
When you only love him for something
And love him not for everything
For it was he who became everything
For you to have everything

And maybe for a reason
You found no reason
To love him even for a season
Or you’re asking
Love him for what reason
The courses I failed
The job I lost though I prayed
The only one I had
That death took from my hand
The prayers I pray
But see not the ray
The bed of lack on which I lay
Or the tragedy that has come my way

Yes, if you see it that way
There is no way
You will love him for a day
But how about seeing it the right way
There is no way
God will write a script
That will be a tragic script
There is no way
He will treat you that way
But when this comes our way
We tend to say
God is wicked in a way

But get this straight
God never promised a path that is straight
For with our hands
Brought troubles to our lands
But even as that
It was for that
He gave us his son
To shine on us the sun
That will end our strive
But we fail to allow him drive
And ignore his instruction
To save us from destruction
Or we sometimes listen
But give him the reason
Why we can’t do
What He wants us to do
And we walk into the devil’s trap
Drink from his tap
Only to get hurt
And say God put that lot
In our pot

God tempts no man
But only test man
To prepare him for the next phase
And still help him through that phase
For in this race
Everyone has got something to face
And God will never do nothing
Except you handle him as nothing

He does everything
And becomes everything
That he might become our need
Every time we have a need
For nothing we need him to be
Will he fail to be
But from us he desire
And for this he require
That we love him for everything
He has been in everything
To give us everything

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