LOVE ME XIII All the Day

Sometimes the day
Might seem short in a way
And other times
Nothing rhymes

We know yesterday
Might not be like today
But no matter what comes our way
All through the day
He wants our love all the day

Each and every day
Should be a new way
Of loving God in a better way
And to love all the day
Is to love him afresh
And our longing for him each day is fresh
Like the breaking of a new day
Anew and refreshingly
Afresh and excitingly

For there are dimensions
And levels of expressions
To loving him
Though you didn’t stop loving Him

If what you felt before is no longer the same
As when you now have fame
Or what’s that man’s name
That you gave God’s place
Or it’s with your job his place you replace

It is best we learn this now
And understand how
To love Him all day
Before one day
We’re left with not a drop
Of love for him to even top

As new every morning
And you get to every turning
Keep your love burning
And how to keep it burning
Is to communicate with Him every day
Walking with Him night and day
Getting Him involved in all
Sharing with Him all

When you feel like crying
Or you feel like dancing
When you feel like shouting
Or you feel like chilling
In all you go through all day
Push him not away
And say not, ‘He wouldn’t understand anyway’
Or why did he allow this come my way?

You feel like this and feel like that
Why not tell Him that
You want to do this and want to do that
Why not tell him like that
You’re thinking of this and that
Why not express to him what goes on in your heart
Until you learn to do that
You’ll soon wake up to realize that
His love is no longer fresh in your heart

For loving him all the day
Attracts His hand all the way
And in all you do
Men will see what only God can do

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