LOVE ME XII All the Way

I couldn’t help but wonder
Why he pressed further
Though he knew she can’t be a mother
For him to become a father
Just yesterday
We still talked about that day

All the bills he had paid
And his chosen maid
Called to see him
But sounded strange to him
He woke himself up
Stood up and looked up
Like one who was daydreaming
Or she was kidding
But soon he realized
After the truth she analyzed
That it was the truth
Though the bitter truth

‘How will I marry one
Who cannot conceive anyone
Who will be my seed
And follow my lead’
But what I anticipated
That he intended
After he knew
Something new
About her that day
Was to walk away
But he didn’t for a day
And stayed all the way

Then I realized
As well as analyzed
To love is a thing
But another thing
Is to love all the way

And if there is one way
To love he who our debt with his life pay
Then the one way
Is to love him all the way
And how to love him all the way
Is to obey what he say
All the way
Even when what he say
Is not what we see
Or even looks like a sea
For none can claim to love God
And fail to obey God

And one other way
To love him all the way
Is to love his way
Walk in his way
And trust him all the way
Even when we can’t understand his way
Or men show us a better way
To get to the height
That we long to sight

And only those who love the Way
All the way
Does he show his way
And in knowing his way
Lies the way
To the land
That only his hand

Can take you there
From here

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