LOVE ME XI With All Your Mind

‘I don’t mind
If you’re blind
Or out of your mind
All I know is
It’s like this
Unending fire
Burning like a tyre
Set on fire
Desiring to move to your empire’

What does that sound like?
Like Genevieve and Jim Iyke
‘Love You Till I Die’
But let it start like tie and dye
Soon will it fade away
And go to lay

Show me emotional gush
And I’ll bet it will soon flush
Show me love with understanding
And I’ll show you love that will be standing
The test of time
Either it first taste like lime
Or seems nothing more than a dime

Are you sure you’re in love?
But this doesn’t resemble love
Or maybe it does
But it is false

First with your heart
And your soul like that
But one more thing
To crown everything
Love him with your mind
And this love is not blind
For in the mind
Lies the seat of knowledge
The archives of college
And the lessons learnt at Challenge

Ask the man of Galilee
What he felt on the tree
If it was still love
Like the first love
He had for the Father
Before it became tougher

Yet you say
I love you all the way
And change your say
That very day
You stopped seeing the ray

When you have reasons to smile
Or cry for a while
When you have what you want
Or faced with lack or want
When you get your desire
Or for years aspire
When you drown in pains
Or your ban filled with gains
When you’re sad and lonely
Or when you’re in glory
When you long for a thing for years
Or you have the best of years
When you long to fall in love
Or you’re with the one you love
And when nothing dances to your beat
Or you have your favorite meat

It will take
That you’re awake
With an open mind
And make up your mind
To love with your mind
Not that love is blind
Thing you watch on Bollywood
But to love him when it’s good
Or when you think nothing seems good
And love him all the way
No matter what comes your way

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