LOVE ME X With All Your Soul

What best defines a man
And the man in the man
Like the depth
Of what he kept
In his soul
Either he is whole
Or an empty pole
Depends on its richness
Or its poorness

Though like the first
That captures the rest
But not only with the heart
But the soul like that

For who best understand
Even his own heart’s stand
When many times we can’t tell
What it wants or wants to sell

And for that he went further
And a bit farther
Since he being a father
Understands our weakness
And desire to end our duress

You can make your soul
Not a part but the whole
Love he who love your soul
For therein lies life for your soul

And if you care to ask the question
What is my soul in question
That part of mortality
That was breath into you by IMMORTALITY
And made you a living soul
A dust that now have a soul
Wherein lies your will
The knowledge of a seal
And the reason for the purgation
Of your emotion

And if this it be
Then love with this will be
A birth of a knowing
And that which is willing
Which soon powers a feeling
Like that sweet feeling

That’s the picture
Of what his words capture
When with our soul he ask us to love
Him as on us he showers love

First with our heart
And then all our soul’s parts
Until there is no part
That is left out
And our tongue can shout
I love you loud
Not just from the clouds

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