LOVE ME IX With All Your Heart

Maybe you wonder
And sit to ponder
How best can I love one
Who became the only one
Willing to go that far
That I may go far

Many things we want to do
But know not how to do
Yet not that there lies no way
But we’ve not figured the way

Who knows love’s way
Than he who knows God’s way
Who can love God
And not make the son his Lord?
Who makes the son his Lord
And not know the word?

For in the word lies
Three ways to love beyond lies
Or a seasonal profession
That’s a birth of emotion

First in your heart
Give him a mat
Or mattress
To find a place to rest

For he who loves with his heart
He whom he loves with his heart
Becomes the reason
He does what he does at that season
Not that he has no mind of his own
But our heart is like a throne
And he who sits on it
Determines what happens to it

Remember Belinda
When you were in love with her
And your heart longs to see her
Because with your heart you love her
And like your heart stops
And nothing again pops
When she’s far
That you travelled that far
Just to see her
And be with her

If there is a way to love the Lord
Like that love the Lord
Not for a while
Or when you’re at Nile
But empty without his presence
And his silence is like the absence
Of air
Like no air
If he is not here
And you don’t want to go there
If he aren’t there

Until like that
You love him not with your heart
And til you love him with your heart
Love isn’t what he calls that

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