LOVE ME VIII Like I love you

I see love in his eyes
But in hers lies
Didn’t he realize it
Or only ignored it

Maybe for the saying
That love is ‘blinding’
But who would agree
A man of his pedigree
Knows better than that
How will he give his heart
To one who loves him not
And flirt with one from North

We beat the drum of hate
But he didn’t wait
To quickly sing the song
Of love all day long

But that which he has given
He only ask for even
Though this we deny him
And give no attention to him

I Learnt you were raining
Curses on him and crying
Because he jilted you
But what about you
Have you asked sincerely
How many times you’ve unfaithfully
Jilted he who loves you first
And gave his life to give you rest

He offended you once
And you couldn’t forgive him once
But how many times
Have you overtime
Seek for God’s forgiveness
And he gives in return goodness

Is it too much to ask
Or too great a task
To love he who love you
More than you love you
Like he loves you?

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