LOVE ME VII All for Love

It was written on their faces
They thought it was ‘craze’
But he only
Knows the only
Reason he does
What he does

Could it be for the glory he saw
Or he eye a throne or more
For in this answer
Lies the answer
To why many never get
To the finishing line to get
What they pay the price of pain
To reap the fruit of gain

Would you believe me when I say
He went all the way
Not for the throne set before him
Nor the name eventually given to him
But for the humblest of reason
And what was the reason

One whom he loves most
The Lord God of Host
Ask it of him to be the sacrifice
To pay the price
Of the stupidity
Of mortality

And for love
For he whom he love
And for love
For you whom he loves
He did it all
And bore it all

Come to think of it
Was that worth it
But isn’t it obvious
That what he bought for us
Is far beyond us

And this is the reason why
You still lie
When you should fly
For the reason why you do
What you do
Is nothing but for you
And all for you
For when we do
What we do
For the wrong reason
We only postpone the season
Of our rising

If he who is running
Knows he would be soaring
If he is doing
What he is doing
To give hope to someone
And give life to one
He wouldn’t have been so blind
To ignore the blind

How beautiful the world will be
If you and me
Do not look away
But go all the way
To bring joy to the way
Of those who come our way

For there is no better reason
And no better way to season
Our lives than this reason

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