LOVE ME VI No Pain No Gain

Who would take a stroke for a friend
Or go as far as a dead end
Just for him to save
Though it is not safe

Who could tell the height
Or the plight
Of a womb watching its seed
Dry like a field

Yet the things that are costly
In life are the most lovely
And the sweetest of tale
Mostly started like something pale

Yesterday I gave it a thought
And try to sought
Why the things we do for others
Takes us beyond the borders
We felt we cannot cross
Though weighty the cross

And I realize
One thing life emphasize
Is nothing really comes easy
That will be fancy
Like word and opposite
The one that will seat
Next to the other
Will be as extreme as the other
Show me pain
And I’ll show you the house of gain

A bad habit
In your home might sit
But you must get
Yourself out of its net
You might feel like you’re about to die
But it’s nothing but a lie
It might be painful
But soon be gainful

The message of the cross
Might have your path cross
But seems hard to embrace
And run the race
The path easy might not be
But there lies the best you can be

For that which was not easy yesterday
Is what made him today
The reason
We can dedicate a season
To celebrate him
And Father the greatest name gave him

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