LOVE ME V The Unforgettable Date

He sent us an invite
And told some to write
That which they hear
Since he’s been here

I wanted my head to lay
But my eyes didn’t want to lay
Maybe for that which I behold
That’s difficult to hold
Or the rising of the sun
Though the moon’s reign still be on

She looked so excited
And delighted
As her curve she check
And imagined the peck
Of her prince
Who had fixed that date
For their date

And so I felt
Like the maid felt
When my Lord
Sent to us a word
To meet him at ‘Lee
For this dawn I long to see

Maybe someone bribed time
But what could he do with a dime
As if he moves not anymore
Like he used to before
Or is it I who couldn’t wait
Till morrow for the date

He came right on time
And we who couldn’t wait for time
Had set the table to dine
With him and wine
But the words he speak
Made us to think
That we know not what to say
Or what to pray

‘My time is up
And I must go up
That you might come
When you become
What I died for
And taught you before

Yet not just you
For what I have shown you
Is not just for you to see
But for them to be
This I plea
As I go
To the world you go
Strengthen the weak
Heal the sick
And my kingdom first seek’

My apples were heavy
For my heart was heavy
The good moments we share
His words we hear
The days we slept hungry
The scene of when he was angry
And the parable he say
I recalled as these words he say
And tears on my eyes lay
As he was taken away

#Easter Series#Happy Easter#

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