LOVE ME IV Did You Hear What I Heard?

It’s everywhere
I heard it there
The king heard about it
The wise ruminate on it
And gathered some to meet
For this was it
They couldn’t bear
A thing they thought mere

I saw amidst them rancour
For the strangest thing which occur
We must make them believe
His followers all try to deceive
And his remain they stole
After the stone they roll

Yet nothing confirm
What they tried to affirm
Like a bitter sweet
Sweet to chew like meat
Yet bitter to swallow
For many the tale hallow

They wrote their version
Tried to plant confusion
But couldn’t run at the pace
For it was no longer their race

I hated a second hand tale
So I went to see the head and tail
Of that which they say
They saw on the way

My balls could not decode
What seems to be a baffling code
By the time I looked again
I saw the mark and pain
Like one who saw a ghost
My feet started dancing at the post
As if a performer plays
Though a word I have to say
But my tongue was stuck to its roof
For what I see prove
What I heard under my roof

Like a dumb whose tongue was sealed
And a lame healed
I jumped up and screamed
He is alive!
And end has come to strife
For he has bought us life
At the cost of his life
#Easter Series#Happy Easter#

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