LOVE ME III What Next ?

Like a group of rats
Chased by a cat
The crowd none dismissed
But they knew not their seeds miss
Till they found themselves
At their abode and asked themselves
What brought we upon ourselves
For it was their tongue which say
Let his blood on us lay

Fear walked around the street
In broad day light
And seized the old and young
Yet some who this long
Felt they achieved a feat
And gathered around their seat
To ensure
Where he lay they secure

But a question lingers
On every heart like fingers
Moving to and fro on a body
Yet none was ready
For the unimaginable
That got them unstable

I know not why fear gripped the boy
But he held close his toy
And to his mother’s room knocked
Though it was locked
And to them he say
What he saw while he lay

I saw a strange sight
One who shine so bright
Entered my room
Held a broom
And swept everywhere
Till all were
Without dirt
And he showed him a shirt
With stain and dirt
But this he washed
With the blood that flowed
From the wound he had

I thought the blood, stain will add
But the shirt came out new
And that was all I knew

Questions parade in their heart
But there was no light
To lead them to what they sought
But he who wrote this plot
Knows what He intends
And how it will end

#Easter Series#Happy Easter#

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