LOVE ME II This Must Be Love

That which I heard
Again and again read
What can this be
Was the question glued to me
Like a man
Who found love in a woman
Who loves him not
Yet stuck to his thought

Yesterday I saw her left
The house of one known for theft
And softly kissed him goodnight
But I couldn’t believe my sight
How can He reject
A true love and neglect
But one who worth it not
He this he got

I cannot still believe
Neither find I relieve
For that which I see
Must be a play I see
My tongue screamed like a hit
But none heard it
I wished I could reach out
To someone or shout
But none heard my cry

Is this a man you fry
Or roasted like fish
And to tongues dish
What did him
That you did this to him

Like a functioning tap
Their spit and slap
Beckon on his flesh to give way
For his blood on the earth lay

I saw him mutter a word
That sounded like Lord
But again his side
They opened out wide
With a sword
And gushed out blood

The fiercest of scene it was
In the sight of all of us
It was him who rode on a horse
And adulation came from us
Yet these hands struck him
Though it was him
Who quench our thirst yesterday
Yet treat him this way

They said he was wrong
But nothing he did wrong
Yet he bore it all
And stood tall

This can only be craziness
Or love in its fullness
That with all
And through it all
His tongue could utter
‘Their misdeed alter’

He lifted up his eyes
As if in the sky lies
One who will arrive
For him to survive
But nothing came forth
Than darkness from the North
Till it envelops us all
And fear lay hold of all
For Light our hands pack
And rolled into a sack
Yet we knew it not
But to die was his lot

…see to it, that your life measure up to the reason for the sacrifice of the cross…

#Easter Series# Happy Easter#

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