LOVE ME I The Crown Prince

Difficult it was
But their only choice
Like a senate siting
Or an elder’s meeting
Was the round table
To sought what’s reasonable
That will end the long search
For a way to clear the trash

First I thought it was a banquet
And so were the guest
Not until He made a request
To end His quest

As if no ear was in sight
And non could dare to climb the height
No response came from anyone
As there was none but one

He rose in the hall
To end it all
While all on him stare
And looked like one who had a nightmare
Maybe in their heart they say
There was no way
He can do what He say
For it was painted
And bolded
Right on their face
That he knows not what he’ll face

He was a prince
And now a Crown Prince
But what was to befall him
And what lies ahead of him
Was beyond what He told him
Maybe this he didn’t realize
Or fail to analyze
But the look on his face
You can tell it will take grace
For him to run the race

The spectators were a large host
Of the living and the ghost
And I wanted to behold the scene
But I was not yet in
Those who this tale I read their version
Told me he had an option
But he said he had no option
Than to face what lies ahead
Though like a rock on a lad’s head

..Don’t just celebrate Easter, utilize the unquantifiable sacrifice that birth this season!…

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