MARCH FORWARD XV Nothing Can Stop You but You

I knew it was my slip up, but I refused to take the blame.

I had gotten a caterer to cook for my birthday party, but in an attempt to maximize resources, I had shrunk the budget she gave me. But unfortunately, it turned out that the fried and jollof rice was not tasty at all. I couldn’t stand the expression on people’s face when they ate it and insisted it was her incompetency that caused it.

How comfortable we are saying someone or something is the reason we have not gotten a desirable result.

Someone might be deceiving himself that it is one witch or principality that is the reason he has not marched forward. Get the truth straight and fast – nothing and no one is capable of stopping you except you consciously or unconsciously give them room for it.

The strongest enemy you have to contend with is yourself. Do not allow your body to dictate what it wants, but give it what it needs. The more you can learn to give your body the things it needs, the better you can subject it to do what you need to do, to march forward.

You will not die for not sleeping when you need to think and get to work. You will not die for not eating when you need to fast. It might be hard on your body at present, but it will draw in several presents to it later.

That there are challenges all around only means you should rise to figure out the way to fix it. Challenges are not made to devour you, but for you to solve them. Solution lies somewhere, go for it.

This is your time to march forward. Get up! Do what you need to do. Nothing can stop you but you. No demon, no power, no condition, no body, nothing, but you.

You must not allow yourself to be stopped by ‘YOU’! Do what you must do, to get to where you should be. Now is the time, MARCH FORWARD!


Thank you for patiently reading every bit of this series! Your enviable end is my pleasure!

Watch out for the Easter Series!

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