Sometimes we feel we are doing all we should, but still remain at a point. We seem to forget that what the Lord does not approve will not improve.

Your efforts and calculations might fail, but God cannot fail. Men might fail, but God will not fail; trust Him.

Many times we only claim to trust, we omit the indispensable part of trusting – obeying. You are not trusting God if you are not obeying Him.

Even if it seems to be delaying, He does not delay. He is working it out for the perfect time.

You don’t trust God if you’re only trusting Him in some and not all. You do not trust God if you are only trusting Him to get solution to a difficult situation. God is not a ladder that you will use, but kick away afterwards.

It takes loving God to trust God. It is not about what you want to get from Him, but having unwavering faith in who He is.

Yet, trusting God wholly is not an excuse for negligence. God will do His part, not only because you trust Him to do His part, but because you have done your path. Doing what you should do is a prove that you trust God.

You part might be waiting, when others are hasting. It might mean making seemingly foolish sacrifices and moves by His word. But, no matter what trusting God demands from you, it will march you forward.

Nothing guarantees progression, like following God’s direction. Even if all your efforts fail to answer to a forward march, lean on God, He cannot fail! You will march forward!

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