As amazing as the universe is, it all started with a cogitation in God’s mind. But, nothing existed until He spoke the word. The moment the word was released, things started to take form.

You do not believe it, if you can’t say it. Many have long carried the pregnancy of marching forward, because their words do not align with what they want to see.

In spoken words lie the power to shift the gears from unseen to seen, and change the impossible to possibility.

What you call a thing is what it would become. What you want to keep alive, never call it dead, or you would shut the door against it to come alive.

See what you want to say, and say what you want to see, and it will become a reality.

Your word will set the pace, it will open the door, it will unlock possibilities, but you cannot speak and sit and then expect result. Talk it, but don’t just talk it, walk it; say the word and do the work.

Yet, positive confession does not negate the place of wisdom to keep the things you’re not meant to announce in your heart.

Many people announce what they should keep, and keep what they should say. You must learn to keep some things in your heart and muse on it. It will announce itself when it is time.

But, keeping to yourself what you should consult the right people on is disastrous to marching forward. Don’t forget, you cannot march forward all by yourself, you need people.

Profess it; your tongue is potent enough to march you forward. Talk to God about it; nothing is impossible for Him to do. Talk to the right person about it; you need a ride to get there.

Don’t just talk it, walk it. Do what you need to do! Say something and do something now!

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